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Siggraph 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana, August 4, 2009 - (Virtual Press Office) - AutoDesSys is pleased to announce the release of bonzai3d V 1.1, the first update with improvements for its recently introduced new 3D modeling application. You are invited to see all the impressive 3D you can create with it at Booth 2109.

The newest addition to AutoDesSys’ 3D products, bonzai3d, is a new 3D modeler developed by AutoDesSys for quick, easy, simple, yet robust 3D modeling. It was conceived to fill in the gap for a simple and easy to use application that offers conceptual design and sketching that leads to CAD accurate models that can be used further down the production pipeline for construction drawings, renderings, animation, fabrication, and rapid prototyping with 3D printing. In general, it fluently supports any application that depends on good clean solid 3D models. 

Bonzai3d 1.1 fixes a number of irregularities reported by users after the introduction of the application to the 3D industry in mid June, significantly improving stability and overall feature and tool functionality.  Beyond these corrections a few new tools have been added as a prelude to the next major release that will bring dimensioning and photorealistic rendering among other enhancements.  Both bonzai3d 1.1 and the next upgrade are free of charge to all registered users. 

The new toolset in version 1.1 includes

    Swivel tool – a new view tool that navigates the view by changing where you are looking (but not the point from which you look)

    Set View – adds a way to make it easier to navigate around the objects that are being worked on.

    Smooth modeling performance – performances of all operations involving smooth objects have been improved across the board.

    User’s manual –over 100 new pages have been added to the manual

    Help and Video access – selecting the Manual item from the menu invoked when right clicking on a too icon, now takes you to the appropriate place in the manual for the tool is discussed. Likewise selecting View Video takes you to the most relevant video for the tool.  

You can think of bonzai3d as a small and intuitive application, but BIG on features and capabilities. A smart modeler that's constantly thinking behind the scene and anticipates your next move, making decisions for you based on what you are doing and where the cursor is, thus helping speed up the modeling process. Visit for more information. 

Bonzai3d is offered at US $499.

Siggraph attendees can purchase bonzai3d on the show floor for $299!

AutoDesSys offers 3D solutions beyond the mainstream, commercially available software by researching and developing technology at the forefront of the 3D software industry.  It offers its customers innovative solutions that allow them to explore and then convey their design ideas to their clients with clarity and detail, refine them to suit the practical demands of the daily workflow, and save time and money in the execution and delivery of the final product. 


For additional information contact Alexandra Yessios, VP of Sales and Marketing