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Biodegradable iPhone case created, designed and manufactured in Ireland

DUBLIN, IRELAND 05-02-2010
(Virtual Press Office) - Jivo, an Irish consumer electronics company, has introduced a biodegradable iPhone case entitled the JIVO Leaf.

The JIVO Leaf has been designed to protect the phone and the environment, furthermore the packaging itself is also completely recyclable.

Working with its partners, JIVO developed a resin that can be injected into a standard case. This makes the case biodegradable in five years once it comes into contact with microbial environments typically found in landfills. A standard iPhone case can usually take up to fifty years to degrade.

The JIVO Leaf has an indefinite shelf life and will only begin to biodegrade when disposed of.

These products are classically made in the Far East but JIVO has reversed a trend and not only created and designed the product in Ireland but also manufactured the product here.

John McHugh, a director of JIVO commented, “We set out to create the world’s best iPhone case. Our design brief was to create a fashionable case that would give world class protection with the added benefit that it is totally biodegradable.

“In order to achieve this we assembled a team of Irish experts from the polymer industry, design industry and our own huge experience in the field.

“We see The Leaf as a turning point in the future of Irish manufacturing and design. For years we have seen a huge trend in manufacturing moving from Europe to China but we have proven with this project that we can competitively manufacture in Ireland. We have confirmed orders for over seven million units”
Ivan Eustace, a director of JIVO said, “We are all very excited about the ‘Leaf’, it’s a product we have been dreaming about for a while. It is manufactured and designed in Ireland, so it’s 100% Irish. The packaging is entirely recyclable and the cases will biodegrade in five years. Normal plastic cases take over 50 years to biodegrade. It’s a fantastic achievement to finally have this product coming to market.”

JIVO has already received huge support from JIVO’s partners and all major iPhone distributors and is set to become the hottest iPhone accessory for 2010.

Paul Matthews, European channel manager for JIVO said, “A biodegradable plastic iPhone case is an amazing achievement. The fact it’s manufactured outside of China and here in Ireland is unbelievable.

“We’re trying to come up with ideas that will grab customers’ attention. I believe we have succeeded with the JIVO Leaf. The Leaf is completely different: it looks amazing, the packaging is completely recyclable and the demand is out there.”


- While the average silicone iPhone case can take up to five decades to biodegrade, the Leaf will begin to breakdown and be consumed by the environment in one to five years. Thanks to the resin injected into the case, microbes will be attracted to its surface where they colonise and begin to digest and break down the plastic.
- How it works: The Leaf has been enhanced by the addition of a chemical called Eco-Pure which is a 100 per cent organic material blended into the plastic during manufacture.

PRICING: The eco friendly nature of the Leaf will not come at an extra cost to the consumer and will retail fro approximately the same amount as other iPhone cases.

RRP: €19.99

RRP: £17.99

Notes to Editors:

Jivo is a 100 per cent Irish owned consumer electronics company. It is a sister company to TNS Distribution and Freight wise. The group, founded in 2000, has combined revenues of €50 million and exports 92% of its turnover from Ireland.

Its head quarters are in Ireland with offices in UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium Spain and China.

Products include headphones, chargers, and skins designed for iPod and iPhone.

The company is based in Keypoint Business Park, Rosemount, Ballycoolin Road, Dublin 11.