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Steve’s Station™: Boost productivity with Anthro’s newest height adjustable desk

(Virtual Press Office) - Anthro Corporation, Technology Furniture®, the Portland, Oregon manufacturer of modular furniture for technology, introduces the Steve’s Station™ family. This family of height adjustable workstations is designed to adapt to any size user whether standing up or sitting down while maintaining a comfortable focal depth for multiple monitors.

In June, Steve’s Station™ received the “Most Innovative” award in the 2011 Best of NeoCon competition which recognizes excellence in furniture design. Anthro co-founder Cathy Filgas said, “At Anthro, we design and manufacture furniture for technology, and we’ve been studying the specific challenges faced by workers for years. The introduction of Steve’s Station™ represents our commitment to creating adjustable, ergonomic furniture…” Steve’s Station™ joins the Carl’s Table® and Elevate™ families of electrical sit/stand desks developed with hands-on involvement of nationwide professionals through Anthro’s extensive beta-test program.

Available in two widths (60” and 72”) and two options (single surface and dual-surface), Steve’s Station™ comfortably accommodates any size user and work style preference. Anthro’s Steve’s Station™ positions from a sitting height of 23” to a convenient standing height (maximum 49”) quickly with a simple push of a button. Petite users appreciate the full range of height options available with Steve’s Station™ as height adjustable furniture does not typically lower to 23”. Three height memory presets are available so individuals can quickly set the table height with their preference and begin working immediately. The table’s strong electric lift legs give the table a hefty 250-lb lift capacity.

Steve’s Station holds up to six monitors. The Monitor Easy Track™ smoothly moves the entire monitor array back and forth on a 10” track set into the monitor shelf. A quick squeeze of the handle positions the Track. Monitors lock into place by releasing the handle. With a few simple adjustments the monitors can be wrapped around the user or the lateral and vertical positions of the monitor array can be changed.

Convenient features include a fan which keeps air moving around the large monitor displays, twin task lights for the worksurface, and two USB ports on the worksurface for easy connectivity. Steve’s Station is available “a la carte” or in packages configured to the most common modalities.

Anthro Corp was founded in 1984. Anthro provides furniture for technology for the engineering, business, healthcare, government, education, and home markets.


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