Madécasse Chocolate named "2012 Leader of Change" by the United Nations and the Foundation for Social Change
Honor given alongside L'Oreal, TerraCycle, others changing the planet through business.

New York, Nov 12, 2012 – (Virtual Press Office) -- Madécasse Chocolate Company was honored last Friday at the 3rd Annual Global Conference for Social Change, hosted by the NYU – Stern School of Business in New York, NY. The United Nations Office for Partnerships and the Foundation for Social Change recognized companies such as L'Oreal, TerraCycle, Chipotle and others as 2012 Leaders of Change – companies and individuals with models proving that "doing good is good for business."

The award, given to corporations and individuals that have a proven business case for solving environmental problems, means to exemplify that innovation and leadership are key to driving sustainable profitability.

One of the only companies to make finished chocolate in Africa, Madécasse has implemented creative solutions to problems that keep African farmers and countries in a seemingly never-ending cycle of poverty – doubling farmer incomes locally while protecting neighboring nature reserves through "forest-farming" techniques in northwestern Madagascar.

"We started with one assumption," says Tim McCollum, co-founder of Madécasse and former Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar, "That is: anything is possible. Period. One of the best quality chocolates in the world can be made entirely – from scratch – in Africa, bringing more people into the value chain and helping to create prosperity in Africa."

Over 200 people attended the event throughout the day, with senior executives from companies such as Acumen, Microsoft,, Harvard Business School and the Gates Foundation on the attendance list.


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About Madécasse –
Madécasse is one of the only chocolate bar and vanilla extract producers to create high quality finished products entirely close to the ingredient source in Africa. With offices in Brooklyn, NY, in Madagascar and product sold in over 1500 locations across 15 countries, the company turns traditional logic upside down – making both profits and direct, sustainable, and lasting change.

About the Foundation for Social Change –
The Foundation works with corporations and NGOs around the world to create programs that define how doing good is good for business. It is not charity. It is not philanthropy. It is not impact investing. It is just doing the right thing. The foundation is out to prove that there is a bottom-line financial impact to solving problems.

About the United Nations Office for Partnerships –
The United Nations Office for Partnerships serves as a gateway for collaboration between the private sector and foundations, and the United Nations family. It promotes new partnerships and alliances in furtherance of the Millennium Development Goals and provides support to new initiatives of the Secretary-General.


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