Syntrus Achmea offers retail mobile marketing option

14 November 2012 – (Virtual Press Office) -- In cooperation with retailcommon Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance offers its retail tenants a chance to improve customer contact and loyalty by using mobile marketing. Through a web-based software program customers can get discount coupons on their mobile devices. They can then use those coupons in the shops.

Consumers can get local offers by means of QR codes, SMS, mail, Facebook and Twitter. These are today’s (online) equivalent of coupons in the (local) newspaper. Customers need no longer cut out coupons and bring them to the shop; they always have access to the coupons on their mobiles.

René Vierkant, Managing Director Retail Investments at Syntrus Achmea: “We are convinced that social media and the internet will play an ever-increasing role in retail culture, including our shopping centres. This is a chance for us and our tenants to create opportunities. retailcommon’s application is unique in providing us with the ability to help our retailers pull traffic to their shops, and giving them access to all the advantages of mobile over traditional advertising in targeting and engaging their prime consumer audiences. It delivers fresh insights into consumer desires and behaviour. Moreover, the application helps consumers to find their way to our centres, learn about the shops featured and opening times.’

“Syntrus Achmea is one of the world’s leading asset management firms and the owner of a number of major retail centres. We are thrilled that they have decided to expand their relationship with retailcommon,” said retailcommon CEO James Cunningham. “After a successful pilot project in two of their shopping centres, we will be now be offering our mobile promotional platform in all of Syntrus Achmea’s Netherlands shopping centre locations.”

Syntrus Achmea chose retailcommon because it is a web-based application: consumers need not download an app or provide personal data. Syntrus Achmea does not have access to the retailers’ data. The data collected by retailers will go no further. To gauge the effects Syntrus Achmea will periodically receive the overall data from the retail centres.
Although retailcommon will start working with retailers in Syntrus Achmea centres, the investor encourages the use of retailcommon in other centres.

About retailcommon

retailcommon enables retailers and consumer product or service companies to create mobile coupons for promotion and delivery to existing and new customers through digital and legacy media, continuously tracking response and redemption data. Unlike other coupon services, retailcommon allows its clients to control pricing, margin, content and distribution, while maintaining ownership over the customer and tracking data.

The product does not require consumers to download an app in order to access the coupon and it works across all operating platforms. retailcommon’s solution also provides client businesses with insight into the performance of social media platforms and which ones are allowing them to best reach and motivate their customers.

About Syntrus Achmea

A financial services provider, Syntrus Achmea is responsible for administering the pensions of 3.5 million Dutch nationals on behalf of more than 80 pension funds. Syntrus Achmea administers a capital of 60 billion euros; of this more than 14 billion have been invested in real estate and mortgages. This makes Syntrus Achmea the number one real estate investor in the Netherlands.
Investing in, financing and developing real estate for the investment portfolios of Dutch pension funds are the core business of Syntrus Achmea’s real estate branch. Syntrus Achmea always seeks to strike a balance between the financial and social added values of real estate, while focusing on sound returns, sustainability, quality and transparency.

Note to the editor
Rene Vierkant will be attending Mapic from 13 November to 16 November 2012.
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