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Nothing captures fusion flavor better than Filipino cooking.

(Virtual Press Office) -- The gourmet food truck craze has become a phenomenon across the country, and now Manjaman Foods™ makes fusion cooking at home easier than tracking down your favorite street vendor. Founder Russell Mariano says “Nothing captures fusion better than the flavors of the Philippines. As a cultural hub since the 1800's, the complex ingredients of Filipino cooking have been borrowed from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Spain.”

Growing up, Russell’s mother, Mama Mila, prepared traditional Filipino meals, and fueled his love of delicious fusion flavors. Using his mother’s recipes as inspiration, “I developed the line of Manjaman Foods™ to make fusion cooking at home a reality for everyone.”

Described as a “Spanish Asian Fusion”, Manjaman Foods™ brings these flavors to your home with a line of seasoning rubs and barbecue sauces. “To develop the seasoning rubs, I started with a hand-selected group of Organic herbs and spices custom blended to perfection. I added Spanish Asian flavor twists to create three breakthrough rubs: the original Garlic 5 Spice™, sweet Tropical Secret™ and spicy Red Lava Chili.™”

Manjaman Foods™ barbecue sauces combine All Natural ingredients like fresh tomato sauce, dark molasses, and a proprietary Organic Spanish Asian spice blend. “Each sauce was then given a unique flavor profile that is reminiscent of my childhood”. Sweet Mesquite™ and Island Heat™ can be used for grilling, dipping and marinades.

Manjaman Foods™ uses USDA certified Organic herbs and spices as well as All Natural ingredients. All products are Gluten Free and are perfect on beef, chicken, pork and fish. Manjaman Foods™ is available in specialty food stores throughout Southern California.

Manjaman Foods™ was founded in 2010 and is located in Playa del Rey CA.

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