Kylito’s Salsa Company

(Virtual Press Office) -- Kylito’s Salsa Company, based out of Lubbock, Texas has introduced 4 varieties of their salsa line including; Gentle, Original, Hot and Scorching. A 5th version, Fire Roasted, will be launched in late 2012, which will include roasted jalapenos. Kylito’s Salsa is one of a kind, using the perfect combination of tomatoes, peppers, and spices, without added preservatives, complimenting all varieties of food.

“What SEPERATES my Salsa from all others is the unique cooking process which allows my product to maintain the same taste and authenticity as when I served it in my restaurant,” says Kyle Lancaster, co-owner of Kylito’s Salsa Company.

Kylito’s Salsa is currently available in 3 distribution centers, United Supermarkets, Affiliated Foods Inc. and Brookshire Brothers. Kylito’s Salsa comes in a 16 oz. jar, and has a suggested retail price of $3.59- $3.79.

“Coma Kylito’s en Todo! “Eat Kylito’s on everything!” or
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