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Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Introduces New 4th Level Data Center Solutions Product Line

Research Triangle Park, NC, January 15, 2013 — (Virtual Press Office) -- Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (, a major manufacturing leader in optical fiber and connectivity solutions, today announced the official launch of its new 4th Level Data Center Solutions product line. 4th Level provides a unique fully integrated and end to end optical fiber solution that meets the unfulfilled needs of today’s evolving data centers for real-time, onsite, and flexible optical fiber infrastructure design.

Over two years in development, the 4th Level product line was built around the core concept of offering data center and enterprise network managers and installers an affordable, quick, and easy method to achieve a truly customized optical fiber infrastructure on-site, thereby providing the maximum flexibility for real-time adjustments, exact length cable builds, and immediate connectivity that current data center systems promoting pre-terminated cable and plug n play solutions cannot accommodate.

The market success of Sumitomo’s Lynx2 CustomFit® Splice-On Connectors (SC, LC, FC, ST) and the Lynx2-MPO™, 4th Level’s flagship products, was another determining factor for the company’s decision to develop a fully integrated optical fiber solution ranging from high-speed transmission cables to the most advanced precision installation equipment and tools including fusion splicers and optical fiber cleavers. To the Lynx2 innovation, the company has added plenum and riser rated distribution and interconnect cables, patch panels and cassettes, and options including cable assemblies to offer the customer a wide array of choices in the customization of the network infrastructure.

Each 4th Level product has been designed for the speed, immediate scalability, space savings, and high performance required by the high density data center and enterprise network to ensure a cost effective and customized optical fiber infrastructure migration from 10Gbit/s to 40 and 100 Gbit/s and beyond.

“ Our goal is to offer data center managers, design engineers, and installers the freedom and control to customize, rapidly change, repair and restore the network infrastructure in real-time without the logistic delays and the fixed and inflexible solutions of the past,” comments Joshua Seawell, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s director of its Lightwave Network Products division. “With the launch of the 4th Level product line, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has achieved this goal, meeting the needs of its customers for new and better technology.”

To assist in the launch of the 4th Level product line, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s marketing team has designed a new logo, initiated a pre-launch advertising campaign, and developed the 4th Level Network Solutions Optical Fiber Infrastructure Guide. 4th Level is officially being launched with a showcase of various products at the BICSI 2013 Winter Conference, January 20 – 24, in Tampa, Florida, Booth # 323.

About Sumitomo Electric Lightwave: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL), located in Research Triangle Park, NC, is a leader in the design, innovation, and manufacturing of optical fiber and connectivity solutions, including optical fiber, fiber optic cable, fusion splicers & accessories, field installable connectors, and its FutureFlex® Air-blown Network Solutions. SEL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, a global leader in the innovation, development, and manufacturing of products to advance the information and communications industry. For more information, please call 800-358-7378, email, or visit

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