January 28th 2013 (Virtual Press Office) -- Counterpoint Systems, ("Counterpoint"), the world's leading provider of business solutions to the music and licensing industries, announced the successful implementation of its Music Maestro software at TuneCore to support its Publishing Administration service.

A self-described "enabler", TuneCore is in the business of helping artists get their music heard and making it available to buy. The way they do that is by publishing music at a low entry cost, and distributing it through online and traditional channels. The difference between Tunecore and other online distributors is that they serve as publisher, label, and distributor without asking for any of their rights, master recording ownership, copyrights, merchandise rights, live performance income, public performance royalties or any other rights or income streams.

TuneCore's new Publisher Administration service was introduced to help songwriters collect unclaimed revenue from streamed or downloaded music. The service registers songs on behalf of the songwriter with organizations that collect publishing royalties, collects royalties owed, and distributes it back to their songwriters. In addition, TuneCore uses its in-house licensing department to handle requests for sync licenses on behalf of their songwriters.

Counterpoint Systems provides the underlying software that supports TuneCore's services. The company uses a number of modules within the Maestro suite, including the Licensing module that tracks licenses and revenue. According to Jamie Purpora, President Music Publishing Administration for Tunecore, Counterpoint's software is at the core of their newly created service. "Due to the large volume of compositions and composers we administer (10,000 new compositions a month and counting!), Counterpoint's Music Maestro System was the perfect solution to our registration, licensing and royalty processing needs," says Purpora. "We know, says Purpora, that no matter how big we grow, or how complex the administration of our business becomes, we're in good hands with Counterpoint and their Maestro solutions supporting us."

For Counterpoint, Tunecore represents a new breed of users for its software and "a great indicator of what the music industry can look forward to in the future," says Amos Biegun, CEO of Counterpoint. "Tunecore has identified a missing component in the protection and collection of individual artist's and composer's rights and has moved swiftly to address this. We see the same thing happening in other licensing sectors Counterpoint supports. The business of licensing and collection is shifting and companies are taking advantage of our technology to leverage and protect intellectual property in new and innovative ways."

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