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(Virtual Press Office) -- SACEM (société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique) and YALA MUSIC are pleased to announce the signature of a licence for the exploitation of the musical works and music videos from the SACEM repertoire, exploited by Yala Music on its website and on Yala mobile.

This contract will make it possible for Yala Music to offer its service to the consumers within Middle East North Africa countries : Libya, Mauritania, Tunisia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Jordan , Lebanon, Syria, Palestinian territories. Other territories shall be added within the next months.

This agreement positions itself in Sacem's strategy to favor the development of the on line music market in France and worldwide. It adds itself to the already more than 200 operational agreements signed between Sacem and Internet services, enabling the legal use of millions of musical works, accessible against payment (downloading, subscription for illimited streaming) or for free (audio or video streaming).  

The signature with Yala Music shows Sacem's will to develop worldwide the presence of the repertoire of its 145,000 members, 12% of whom are foreigners, representing 163 different nationalities. The MENA area alone represents 5,000 members.

This important step in the enforcement of authors' rights for online exploitations in this region illustrates  Yala's will to sustain creation, value the works of the creators and publishers, in particular in the MENA countries and contribute to the development of new talents.

This licence is a significant step forward in protecting authors' rights in this area for online exploitations.  It confirms Yala Music's intention to promote creation and provide value to the works of creators and publishers, in particular from the MENA area and to contribute to the expansion of new talents.

Patrick Chassany declares
Yala Music is proud to have signed this agreement in the region; It will allow rights owners to receive a fair remuneration for the use of their works. This agreement follows Yala Music's vision that is to build a legal music ecosystem where all the music industry players will have their share.

Jean-Noël Tronc adds

SACEM is pleased about the signature of this licence which confirms its position as a reference society for authors, composers and publishers in the MENA countries and strengthens the rights of SACEM in this area.

Yala Music
Yala Music is an evolutionary music service offering free access to all Arabic music across the globe. Founded in 2010 by its CEO Patrick Chassany cofounder of, Yala Music is headquartered in France with offices in Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and UAE. With Yala application hitting the 1 million downloads on mobile, the company strives to offer the best free and legal online music service worldwide on the web, mobile and desktop, and takes a stand against piracy by signing up with 400 independent artists and major Arabic labels to offer Advertising Sponsored Downloads. To date, Yala application is available worldwide on and accessible on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian as well as Samsung connected TV and Windows PC.

SACEM's vocation is to represent and serve authors, composers and publishers of original music and protect musical creation. Its main goal is to collect authors' rights and distribute them to the rights owners whose works have been performed or reproduced. SACEM is a private entity and a non-trading company managed by creators and publishers. It counts 145,000 members among which 5000 from the Arabic world.

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