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Press release, Sunday, January 27th 2013

The downward trend begun in 2011 confirmed in 2012

(Virtual Press Office) -- The first estimate for SACEM collections for authors' rights in 2012 amounts to €803.5m, down 1.9%, confirming the decrease observed in 2011 while remaining lower than expected thanks in particular to the growth in the digital sector.

The digital sector now ranked 3rd in SACEM collections

With €108.7m, the digital sector (including DSL and private copying) now represents 14% of SACEM collections, up 5% in 2012 over the previous year (€103.7m). Revenue from the digital sector has increased 40% in five years. "The growth of DSL, downloading and streaming should continue in 2013 with the signature of a series of negotiations with different partners," comments SACEM's new CEO, Jean-Noël Tronc.

Trends per sector

So-called "General rights" (concerts, discotheques, background music…) have become the top source of revenue, up 3% at €273.2m. This figure covers disparities with substantial 13% growth for exploitation by associations, including festivals, and a considerable drop in tours (‑11%) for the third year in a row. Symphony concerts are growing strongly (+48%), illustrating the good health of the protected symphonic repertoire. Live performances now represent nearly 10% of SACEM collections.

Audiovisual media (radio/television), affected by the drop in advertising revenue in 2012 which is expected to continue in 2013, dropped 7% to €269.2m. The sector has experienced different situations: ‑1% for radio and ‑8% for television which did not benefit from the increase in consumption time revealed by surveys.

The foreign sector is pursuing its growth: 2% at €81.9m (+12% since 2008). This result proves the dynamism of SACEM repertoire abroad, first for export after the Anglo-American repertoire. More and more members have international careers and many foreign creators are joining SACEM (12% of the 145,000 members are foreign nationals, representing 163 different nationalities).

The phonogram-video sector: the decrease in sales of recorded music on physical media is continuing with a new 12% drop in 2012 to €70.5m, ‑30% in 5 years. Royalties from the sale of videos fell 25% to €25.3m. Hurt by piracy, videos have not escaped the general shrinkage of the market and also suffer from competition from connected TV, VOD and catch-up TV.Phonograms represent two-thirds of collections for this sector, down 9% with €45.5m.

Private copying suffers from legal action taken by many importers of electronic equipment and is down 5% at €51.3m.

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