Army's Rapid Equipping Force Seeks Innovations from Automotive Industry

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What: PRESS CONFERENCE DURING THE WASHINGTON AUTO SHOW. The Director of the Army's Rapid Equipping Force (REF), Colonel Peter Newell, will announce plans for a groundbreaking effort to connect soldiers to America's innovators. REF is the Army's greatest challenges to the automotive industry and auto enthusiasts, knowing they may have solutions to some of soldiers' greatest struggles in wartime conflict.  As the Army's catalyst for accelerating innovations into the hands of the soldiers who need them most, the REF understands that there is an ocean of capability and ideas that could lead to game-changing technologies for the nation. The REF exists to make these ideas come to life by defining challenges and making collaboration with the Department of Defense a less daunting experience. 

Joining the REF Director will be Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers, who is partnering with REF to build communities around innovation.  These two visionary leaders will discuss why this seemingly unlikely pair is spelling the future of the Army and its ability to be proactive against America's adversaries.

Taking this concept of partnership, REF is looking for the ideas of passionate engineers and designers for some of its greatest challenges, which include:

Bomb detection and detonation technologies;

  • Tactical Energy sustainability;
  • Robotics;
  • Operational vehicles; and
  • Sensors.


Thursday, January 31, 2013

1040 – 1055 for press conference


REF Director Colonel Peter A. Newell & Local Motors CEO, Mr. Jay Rogers


 Army Booth, Hall A, DC Convention Center, Washington, DC


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The REF rapidly provides urgently needed capabilities to U.S. Army forces employed globally by harnessing current and emerging technologies in order to improve operational effectiveness. 

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