January 31st, 2013
User Experience – The difference between a good app and a great app

Innovative new iOS controls deliver an intuitive and joyful user interface

The increasing demand from the Apple developer community to design and build apps that deliver an outstanding user experience has driven ShinobiControls, the leading data controls provider, to broaden its portfolio with a new set of interactive and highly polished UI controls called ShinobiEssentials.

“User Experience is at the heart of a great app” commented David Pinches, Head of Products and Marketing, and we have found that developers want to pick UI controls off the shelf, where a lot of the hard work has already been done.”

Particular focus has been applied to write controls with great performance, gesture recognition and smoothness of appearance as well as meticulous attention to detail - all of which take up large amounts of development time.

The set of 5 controls, launched today is priced at $195 and includes a full year’s maintenance agreement with the backing of a company with plans in place to enhance and add to the portfolio.

“With just over 10 months in the iOS market and with feedback from many of the thousands of developers who have used our controls already, we are looking forward to broadening our appeal with ShinobiEssentials.” continued Pinches, “A great User Experience crosses all apps and perfectly complements our charts and grid controls that are used in many data orientated apps in the business and consumer markets.”

The set of UI controls consists of

• Sliding overlay panel: Hide and reveal content - ideal for creating menus where space is limited
• Progress and activity indicator: Graphically represent a time indicator – a very neat tool
• Tabbed view: Switch between different display panels by adding tabs to your app
• Flow layout panel: Create flow layouts – ideal for storyboards and photo galleries
• Accordion: Maximise your screen space by presenting bespoke data in a vertical stack

ShinobiEssentials is available as a free trial or purchase at http://www.shinobicontrols.com/shinobiessentials/.
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