KW-Software: Breakthrough for synchronous Profinet communication

Cost-efficient Profinet IRT solution with Intel Ethernet controllers

Ann Arbor, MI, February 2013. (Virtual Press Office) -- KW-Software, leading supplier of software technology for automation, presents a cost-effective new solution for the isochronous Profinet communication (Isochronous Real-Time, IRT) at Embedded World.

Profinet communication stacks from KW-Software have been successfully used in demanding automation solutions for years. The Profinet stack uses the special features of the Intel Ethernet Controller I210 for the isochronous communication via Profinet and the synchronization of automation applications. With this, KW-Software the Profinet specialists, is consistently expanding its solution portfolio.

Peter Fuchs, Head of Marketing Communications at KW Software, explains “In the field of Profinet controllers, complex hardware like special ASICs, FPGAs or expensive plug-in boards had to be used for synchronizing Profinet communication. With the Intel Ethernet Controller I210 family and our Profinet stacks, very cost-efficient and space-saving IRT-capable Profinet interfaces can be realized, particularly for PC-based controls and automation devices.”

The Intel Ethernet Controller I210 provides optimized Profinet RT and IRT support for PC-based controls and automation devices, with support for the Intel Ethernet Controller I210 integrated into the Profinet IRT software stack.

Like the successful Profinet RT stacks, KW-Software will offer this solution for different CPU architectures and real-time operating systems such as Wind River VxWorks. A step-by-step migration from Profinet RT to IRT communication is possible at any time.

Alexander Damisch, director of industrial solutions at Wind River, explains, “KW-Software and Wind River have a strategic relationship and are collaborating to consolidate PROFINET IRT on standard PC hardware for intelligent devices. This will be a very compelling offering for the industrial automation market, as it will help reduce operational and capital expenditures by eliminating the need for custom ASICs, as well as reduce complexity with a software-based solution.”

“With the Intel Ethernet Controller I210 family, Intel builds on more than three decades of experience with Ethernet interfaces”, explains Steve Schultz, director of product marketing, Intel Networking Division. “Features such as time-stamping and separate in-chip queues for handling real-time communication make this controller an outstanding, cost-effective alternative to the custom ASICs used in many industrial applications.”

Caption Photo “Rubik’s Cube Solver”:
The Profinet IRT solution with Intel Ethernet controllers was showcased at the Intel booth at the Embedded World 2013. It is based upon the robotic application “Rubik’s Cube Solver” of the Institution of Industrial IT (inIT) in Lemgo, Germany.
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