GA&A Productions in Rome names New Creative Director

Rome – Italy. 11 March 2013 (Virtual Press Office) -- GA&A Productions announced today that it has recruited Bettina Hatami to head its production and development team. The move comes as part of an expansion strategy spearheaded by GA&A president, Gioia Avvantaggiato whose aim is to take the company existing successful production operation to the next level, both domestically and internationally.

“GA&A is unique in the Italian landscape” - says Gioia Avvantaggiato. “ because we combine distribution with production. The company has been going for 30 years now and in that time we have supplied content to all major Italian broadcasters – notably RAI and Mediaset and we have also worked with National Geographic, Discovery and Arte to name a few. In terms of distribution, we bring international content – fiction to factual - to all the Italian broadcasters and Italian factual content to the international market. We are really excited to combine forces with Bettina. Her background is also unique because she has an international track record on both sides of the desk. She brings an international ambition and savoir-faire to production and the output that she will helm will not only grow our production but also our distribution. And because she is experienced in all forms of factual television from factual entertainment, series and documentaries, having her on board will enable me to focus on my efforts on distribution and grow our boutique theatrical distribution of productions such as “The Artist is Present” and “When you’re strange”

The multi-award winning Bettina Hatami has a wide-ranging international experience acquired both as an independent producer and as a commissioning editor for the Discovery Channel Europe.

Bettina Hatami says: “This is a really exciting opportunity. I am thrilled to join GA&A Production and to be able to build on what the company has already achieved. This is an exhilarating time in Italy with the growth of cable, digital channels and VOD which complement the possibilities offered by terrestrial channels here. But what I am also looking forward to is exploring all the options offered by the market today. From adapting international formats locally to making a local story international. And there is no shortage of great stories right on our doorstep … It is the advantage of living in a country that gave birth to not only to one of the greatest civilisations in history and but continued with the greatest artists, and now dominates the world of fashion and sports…not to mention the less savoury headlines that very often make a good story. In short, all the roads lead to Rome ”

Bettina Hatami and her new team are already at work on a special on Pope Benedict XVI, featuring investigative journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi for Italian Channel la 7. Nuzzi is the author of the international bestsellers “Vaticano SPA” and “His Holiness”, and the upcoming English language update “Ratzinger was afraid”. “The Pope and I” will be available for international distribution from the 30th of March 2013 and has already received the interest of several broadcasters around the world. Bettina Hatami will be at Mipdoc and Mip.

Bettina has been Creative Director at Doclab Srl in Italy from 2007 to 2013 where she produced “Inside Costa Concordia Voices of Disaster” for National Geographic International. The instant doc scored the highest audience ever in Italian Pay TV history and was shown in 163 countries. She also produced among other programmes, “Caravaggio Revealed “ for National Geographic, “Artemisia undaunted“ and “A Master’s Secrets” for Sky Arts. Prior to moving to Italy in 2010, Bettina Hatami has collaborated in various capacities with the Discovery Channel, both as a freelancer for Discovery International and as a commissioning editor for Discovery Europe.

As commissioning editor, her credits include: “Age of Terror” and “Reporters at War”, which have garnered many prestigious awards, including the 2005 US Emmy for Best History Long Form, and were shown on all the Discovery Channels around the world after their premiere in Europe. Her other notable programmes include: “Warrior Women with Lucy Lawless”, “Mongrel Nation with Eddie Izzard,” “Building the Roman Villa”, “Altered Statesmen”, “Massacre in Madrid”, “Fall of the Iron Lady”, “Intelligence Failures”, “The Trial of Jack the Ripper”.

As producer for the channel, her credits include “La Reina Roja, un mistero maya”, a 90 minute archaeological drama documentary on the identity of the Red Queen of Palenque, “Jorge Luis Borges: the Mirror man” France3/Discovery, (Bronze Medal at the New York Festival 2000), and “Carlotta, Bolivar’s Passion”.

The multilingual Bettina Hatami has also worked France for a long time, notably for MFP and before staring her career in documentaries worked in news for ABC News and for ITN.

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GA&A is Productions unique in the Italian landscape because we combine production and distribution. We love stories. We tell them, we get them seen, everywhere. In production, we are factual to the core. We produce stories that entertain, and inform, in any genre. From documentary to light entertainment, from the gripping by the throat theatrical release to the guilty pleasure, from the one off to the returning series, we do it all. We produce for all the national channels and for international channels! In distribution, we have over the last 2 decades, become one of the top content suppliers for Italian broadcasters across all genres: from nonfiction and documentary to children’s programme and from comedy and drama series to films. We also release documentaries theatrically and work with the international market to distribute the best of Italian documentary and factual production. Our track record includes “Naica, Secrets of the Crystal Cave” (National Geographic), “Carvillius, a riddle from the Past” (Discovery) or “Comic Books go to War” (Arte). Over the years, we have collaborated with ARTE France, Channel 4, ZDF, ITVS, AVRO, YLE, CBC, National Geographic, Discovery, NHK, SBS and RTBF to name a few of our clients. Today, we are not only one of RAI’s and Mediaset’s preferred suppliers, we also partner with foreign producers who are looking for a reliable partner in Italy and take part in a wide array of international co-productions.

Bettina Hatami - Creative Director

Bettina is an award winning producer and former Discovery Channel Commissioning Editor. In the long years that she has been toiling at the coalface of production and broadcasting around the globe, Bettina has managed to garner a few awards including an Emmy and has been responsible for some rather cool programmes. The World of Geo, Age of Terror, Reporters at War, Rebuilding the Past and Warrior Women are among her favourites, some might even say her proudest achievements. She has created rather complicated international co productions and convinced commissioning editors and programme directors to part with substantial amounts of money for high-end projects. Bettina has also had to make do with more economical contributions but has always slaved away to make sure that the end result was as compelling as possible and found that a lot of fun too. In 2010, she decided to stop basking in the reflection of her computer screen, was lured to Rome to as Doclab’s Creative Director. In 2013 she joined GA&A to run production and development and is still trying to find time to enjoy the sun and the country she now calls home.

Gioia Avvantaggiato - CEO

Gioia is the multi faceted chief executive of GA&A, a distributor and producer driven by a passion for her work, a vocal advocate of the industry in Italy, an active member of the international media community and holds a Reed Midem platinum card to prove it. She earned her stripes a long time ago at RAI TRADE where she headed international coproduction and distribution. She moved on to run development and coproduction at ERRE, then a leading theatrical producer. But never one to hold back, Gioia decided in 1990 to be her own boss and created GA&A. In short order, she had turned the company into one of the leading independent production and distribution companies in Italy, with a staff of 13 and a catalogue that is constantly being refreshed. She mentors and tutors young distributors, runs the Italian Doc Screenings and is a pillar of and of APT.
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