(Virtual Press Office) -- Barcelona Catalonia has participated in various forums and events during the first day at Mipim. Highlights the European cities event and Investment opportunities in Barcelona.

Four cities. New Growth and Investment Strategies

Event organized by Barcelona, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Manchester in collaboration with the OECD and the Urban Land Institute, with the assistance of 200 people. During the ceremony, OECD has presented its document "New Growth and Investment Strategies" which shows Barcelona as one case study and highlights the government strategy that, under the umbrella of Project "Barcelona Growth", is doing to combat the current economic situation.

The Director General of the OECD, Yves Leterme, highlights that powerful economic policies are a great opportunity for a city like Barcelona. Two of the great success cases highlighted are the creation of Zona Franca for entrepreneurs in the Mobile sector and the participation of the private sector in the economic policies of the city.

Investment Opportunities in Barcelona

The deputy mayor for Urban Habitat for the Barcelona City Council, Antoni Vives, and the Chief Architect of the city, Vicent Guallart, have presented the opportunities that Barcelona can generate to international investors with projects like La Sagrera. About 30 people, including potential investors, have assembled in the Agora hall of the Palais des Festivals to learn about what Barcelona has to offer.

Mr. Vives has explained the global strategy of Urban Habitat of Barcelona and has shown those strategic projects of the city, where investors, developers and end users will find the best answer to their needs, whether commercial, land or office usage. Mr. Guallart, has focused himself on the La Sagrera project.

Mr. Martin Bellamy, CEO of Salamanca Group, and Mrs. Charlotte Frase-Prynne, CEO of International Policy Group, have told about the reasons why investors like them have bet on a city that, despite the current economy, is gaining international recognition due to its financial and economic leadership.

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