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OuluHealth Builds on Open Systems and Collaboration between Public and Private Sector

Oulu, the Capital of Northern Scandinavia, today announced major investments into OuluHealth, the center for smart health. OuluHealth is building future health care and social services on open systems and collaboration. One of the major healthcare investments in the area is the Oulu University Hospital Future Hospital project, which will see the region's university hospital turned into a highly connected health care environment by 2030. The total investment in the hospital modernization project is 500 million euros.

OuluHealth is rapidly becoming an international hotspot for smart health: approximately 700 new jobs will be generated in the next few years. With Oulu's heritage as one the world's leading wireless communication centers and a significant center of health industry, Oulu is ideally positioned to lead the change towards future of connected health.

"OuluHealth is a global forerunner in smart health. Within OuluHealth, private companies, research institutes, university hospital, academic institutions, and the City of Oulu work together to build the future of healthcare and social services on open ICT-systems and collaboration," says Noora Jansson, Director, OuluHealth.

Oulu's Kontinkangas area has already become a significant center of biotech, health and wellbeing research, education, business and services. Several operators of health sector such as the university and hospitals are already located in Kontinkangas. In the future, the growth of OuluHealth will bring thousands of students and new business opportunities in the area. OuluHealth is also a partner of the Finnish OSKE program, which turns top-level expertise into new business and jobs.

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About Oulu: Oulu, the Capital of Northern Scandinavia, is the logistic center for the North, powerhouse of the northern cooperation and the largest population center in Northern Scandinavia. It's also Europe's most intelligent community and the leading ICT cluster in Northern Europe. Oulu was ranked among the top 7 finalists and the number 1 European city out of 364 worldwide entrants in the prestigious Intelligent Communities of the World 2012 competition.

BusinessOulu: http://www.businessoulu.com

City of Oulu: http://www.oulu.com

OuluHealth: http://www.ouluhealth.fi

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