(Virtual Press Office) -- During the second day at Mipim, Barcelona Catalonia has presented its investment strategies in a discussion with representatives of several European cities. And also has participated in the event Mayor Think Tank, where Barcelona Catalonia was invited to discuss the topics that affect the development of cities and regions.

Local Real Estate in the Global Market Place

Informal discussion with representatives of Barcelona, Frankfurt and Cardiff to debate and reflect over investment strategies and what benefits brings city branding strategies to investment attraction plans. Mr. Mario Rubert, City Promotion Manager of Barcelona, and the other panel representatives also discussed about private-public collaboration and sustainability programmes.

During the panel discussion it was recognised the good positioning of Barcelona, its brand and its long term vision, which gives confidence and trust to investors.

Mayors Think Tank. What are the measures of attractiveness and competitiveness?

Exclusive event were Barcelona Catalonia was invited to participate to discuss three current topics that affect the development of cities and regions throughout: infrastructure, culture and economy. Elisabet Cirici, Deputy Director of Catalan land institute (Incasol), participated in one of the 6 themed tables arranged for this event; Barcelona Catalonia contributed to this debate at the infrastructures' table. The attendees were mainly delegates and authorities representing regional territories and capital and secondary cities, which brought to the discussion a broad diversity of issues.

At the infrastructure's table, the debate was driven by the common problems cities and territories face and several solutions were given. The discussion then focused on the implementation difficulty as such solutions require political governance and courage to put them into practice. The panel also talked about the need of prioritizing infrastructure and public equipment investments in the current economic downturn, as they are the drivers of territorial growth, both from transport and social points of view. It was highlighted how security, transport and equipments bring cohesion and quality of life to citizens and how important well planned infrastructures are to structure territories and cities.

Elisabet Cirici then explained how the Mediterranean Corridor is a key project, not only for Barcelona and Catalonia, but also for the rest of Europe and Africa, as it will establish direct links between them.

Cultural topics were also brought to the attendees attention as everybody agreed that investing in culture must be prioritised. Culture has an influence on the attractiveness of territories, increasing tourism and population.

The conclusion reached at this event highlighted the need that cities and territories have, in the current economic climate, to take the chance to think and make adequate decisions to enable territorial sustainable growth.

Power Meetings

Barcelona Catalonia has participated in several power meetings. These three minutes meetings dedicated to match supply and demand took place at the Logistics Pavilion; two separate sessions with two different targets: investors and end-users. Both sessions with a meeting moderator holding a bell which rang every time participants had to change seats in order to meet the next guest.

Turkish and British investors have shown interest in Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

Every day, at the end of the day, Barcelona Catalonia draws an FC Barcelona shirt signed by Lionel Messi. The winners were Katrina Thorsten from Swedden and Göbel Berggren from Germany. Undoubtedly, one of the busiest booth at Barcelona Catalonia.
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