PRESS RELEASE - a bridge between real estate and the sustainable city of the future

Freiburg, Germany - March 2013

The newly launched portal provides a transparent overview of sustainability in real estate in cities around the world.

With all its challenges and opportunities, the city has become the center of attention in the 21st century and is the place where change is happening with regard to creating a sustainable future. Real estate development is crucial in the creation of the city of the future. The aesthetics of new and refurbished buildings deeply impacts the quality of life for citizens whilst investment in the future of our cities is key to creating an economically sustainable future.

The central role of real estate in all aspects of sustainability

Real estate plays a crucial part in terms of an environmental, social and cultural sustainable future. How do we upgrade the energy efficiency of our buildings? Will mixed use developments reduce our reliance on cars? How do we create a balanced housing stock with a range for all income groups? How do we create the commercial buildings that enable business to flourish? strives to provide a transparent overview about how cities and major players throughout the international real estate industry address these and similar issues.

Creating the overview with an international real estate database focussing on sustainability

Cityworld has assembled well over 1,600 project developments in over 400 cities in its international database and intends to create a comprehensive overview of the leading project developments in cities around the world. With over 500 building profiles it is already an important reference for green buildings worldwide and a major point of access to the certification scene with regard to sustainable buildings.

The social and cultural side of real estate also links the real estate industry to sustainability in the city by enabling those taking a leading role in the real estate profession to show how they are taking an active part in creating the sustainable city of the future.

By highlighting the inspiring ideas and initiatives found in cities around the globe the platform supports those groups and individuals actively engaged in improving life in the city and realize a greener, smarter and more livable living space.

There is no registration fee or login necessary to access the portal.

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