Assoimmobiliare - AICI Laboratory Report on Stadiums

Assoimmobiliare and AICI have started up a laboratory on the upgrading of stadiums as a new real estate and retail business frontier since sector communities are focusing their attention on the subject with projects under way or already launched on the international and domestic levels. The round table hopes to make public authorities aware of the issue so that they will seize opportunities to requalify sporting arenas by expanding their use beyond the purely competitive sporting events. This is possible by integrating trades, qualified food service and other forms of entertainment. The stadium can become a multipurpose centre and amusement venue for families. The example has been set abroad, where this business appears consolidated. It is found in Munich, London and Amsterdam, where the maximum commitment of public administration has excelled and has made the realisation of projects possible. Political will is to be encouraged in Italy by the earnestness of promoters, who should motivate administrations to develop these initiatives.

Laura Spillare
Segreteria di Direzione

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