NAB Exhibition, Las Vegas: New Miniature HD Camera From Racelogic

VBOX HD eliminates rolling shutter 'wobble' by employing the latest technology

(Virtual Press Office) A common problem with using standard 'Rolling Shutter' HD cameras – which scan the image from top to bottom – is the resulting poor image quality in high vibration situations. Using such cameras during fast paced action generally produces footage that no professional would consider acceptable.

Racelogic, a leading technological innovation company from the UK, have developed a new HD camera that uses a 'Global' shutter which exposes each pixel simultaneously for the sharpest image. The superfast 720p CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration, producing stable video no matter what the conditions.

The separate recording unit encodes in H.264 video and audio onto a removable SD card. All main image parameters such as gamma and colour correction matrices, white balance, and exposure, are either automatic or fully user adjustable.

The recorder also features a built in 10Hz GPS receiver, allowing for footage from multiple cameras to be accurately time-aligned in post-processing.

The camera itself is available in three lens configurations: 60°, 133° or C mount.

Racelogic are attending the NAB Exhibition in Las Vegas, the Digital Media Industry Event, 8th to 11th April. They will be showcasing the new camera with a number of demonstrations that illustrate the advantages of Global over Rolling shutter.

The Racelogic stand can be found at location C9545 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Media contact: Mike Broadbent, Sales & Marketing Manager, Racelogic Ltd, Buckingham, UK.

Tel: +44 1280 823803




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