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8 April, 2013

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Abekas Expands Functionality
in Mira™ Instant Replay Server

New Dual-User configuration eliminates need for two separate severs required by competitive systems

MENLO PARK, California (NAB Show booth SL6313) —April 8, 2013— (Virtual Press Office) --
Abekas announced today the latest release of software for its industry-leading Mira Instant Replay Server and associated Mira Control Surface. The new software delivers unparalleled functionality to multi-channel instant replay servers at this price point.  

Most significant among the new features is dual-user operations: two Mira Control Surfaces can now be connected to one Mira Instant Replay Server, providing a multitude of operational scenarios not possible with any competing product. Not only does Mira's dual-user capability provide a much lower-cost solution, compared to using two separate servers networked together, it also greatly streamlines the workflow process for live instant replay and highlight playlists creation—getting content to air much more quickly and efficiently.

"For more complex Instant Replay coverage, dual-user operation is quite commonplace," says Douglas Johnson, Chief Product Manager at Abekas. "Competitive systems require customers to employ two separate servers linked together, which is operationally cumbersome. This feature is unique to the Mira Instant Replay server, and cannot be found in any other competing product."

The new dual-user capability allows a single "event project" to be opened and actively shared by two operators. For example, two operators can view and share four live camera recordings, and each operator can have their own set of two replay channels—four replay channels in total. Another scenario allows two users to share six cameras, with one replay channel each. All "clipped" content created by either user is instantly available to the other—with no need to "copy", "push" or "pull" clips between users across a network.

Other new features supported in the latest software release:

  • "Hold-to-Trim" - function seeks to the IN or OUT point of a clip with a single button press, while turning the rotary dial actively and visually trims clip or playlist content
  • "Panel Lock" - function quickly locks and unlocks all panel controls to eliminate unintentional operations during operator breaks or during unattended playlist playout
  • "Server Clips" - feature quickly and easily adds any number of clips from the main server Clip Library into the active replay event project
  • "Name All Angles" - applies one clip name to all angles of any stored clip
  • "Clip Search" - finds all clips matching defined text
  • "Cruise" - acts as a shuttle control to review long stretches of recorded content
  • "Play List Flags" - provide means to pause playlist replay at either end of a playlist item
  • "Live Camera Video" - the live camera video windows in the Mira Control Surface graphical user interface have been increased in size and re-positioned on the screen—to better monitor the action of all live camera feeds.

Existing Mira customers may add all this new functionality to their Mira Instant Replay Server free of charge, by downloading and installing the Mira Server software update from the Abekas web site (

For more information on the Mira Instant Replay Server, download the product datasheet

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