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Cannes 8-11 April, 2013


AUDIOVISUAL FROM SPAIN AT MIP TV 2013.- (Virtual Press Office) --

Most of the Spanish distributors will be concentrated at the umbrella Stand of Audiovisual from Spain which provides with an elaborated space for personalized meetings for the exhibiting companies. The organization of the Pavilion is managed by ICEX in coordination with FAPAE and AGADIC –Galician Agency for Cultural Industries – and counts with the presence of the following exhibitors: Antena 3 Tv, ATM Broadcast, Boomerang TV, Comercial TV, Elastic Rights, Explora Films, Film Factory, Filmax International, Filmotech, Finding4you, Grupo Ganga, Mediaset España, Phileas productions, Sogepaq, Veralia, Vodka y Grupo ZZJ and the booths of Imira Entertainment and Grupo Secuoya which participates for the first time as an exhibitor at this event.

The Spanish umbrella counts with a good number of novelties for the European market and is proud to present some world premieres as well. All of this is reflected in the MIP TV 2013 catalogue edited under the brand Audiovisual from Spain. This guide of companies and products at the disposal of the international customers identifies the origin of the productions as well as the distributors present at the event. It gives proof of the quality of the production as well as the diversity of the genres proposed by the Spanish and includes from classic entertainment to the latest technology in 3D as well as products for the new transmedia business

Highlights Audiovisual from Spain MIPTV 2013 Catalogue

  • Entertainment formats: For the whole family as the cooking show "Cooking with Kike" de Grupo ZZJ  and the new concepts of Phileas Productions who opt for "Don't Say it Bring it" as the star of their line-up.  El Grupo Veralia proposes a reality show on the road with "Want a Ride". Equally interesting is as well the new Game Show format of Boomerang TV "You or Me" where the action takes place at the street and which is based in comparing.
  •  Fiction and Drama: Another genre that always stands out from the Spanish portfolio reaches Cannes with important novelties: Tv movies like "Stolen Kids" and the Sitcom "Family" will be presented by Mediaset España, also the hit of the season "With your Pants Down" of Antena 3 and the new episodes of the big success of Filmax "The Red Band Society" or the feature film "Unit 7" distributed by Film Factory.
  • Documentaries: Spain produces and exports great documentaries like the ones presented at MIP by Explora Films  "Last Hunters" and "Tuareg", besides of the premier of the most expected special of the producer " Wild Team".
  • Animation: Last but not least there will be novelties in animation made by Imira Entertainment, which presents its new International co-production "Horacio and the Plasticines" and Finding 4 you with "Rascayu", a series without dialogues, especially attractive because it needs no doubling and therefore has a big potential for exportation.

All the Spanish exhibiting companies can be found at the well known building of the Riviera Hall and participate at the fair through the umbrellas of Audiovisual from Spain, Catalan Films and Basque Audiovisual or with an individualized presence as is the case with Imagina International Sales and Televisión Española.

A MULTI-GENRE AND SOLID OFFER – SUPPORTED BY INTERNATIONAL SUCCESSES.- From the last survey of the commercial activities of the Spanish distribution companies, two important conclusions can be made: The solidity and success of the Spanish offer in key European territories of Western Europe and emerging countries and the good commercial expectations for 2013, thanks in good part to the renovation of the rights on successful programs broadcasted by international channels as well as to the new sales closed during the first trimester of the year.

The Spanish executives have communicated the feedback from their customers about latest programming success of their contents, audiences, media impact and renovation of rights, amongst others:

  • José Antonio Salso, Head of Sales and Acquisitions of the Group Antena 3 said: ""Grand Hotel" is the first Spanish series sold to UK. The well-known drama has been recognized by the critics and the international press. We are very proud of the success of "Grand Hotel" that has also been sold to France, Italy, Finland and Russia.  The quality of the production, the stories and the cast are the most valuable attributes and the clients are renewing the series for further seasons. We are confident the series will continue with the acclamation of the audience and the critics".


  • Geraldine Gonard, Sales Director of Imagina International Sales added: "We have a very good feedback in general. We have renovated the rights for " 3 Meters Above the Sky" The broadcast of the film in 2012 worked very well in terms of social networks in France, which has led to the creation of various Websites and the fans are looking forward to this year's broadcast of the second part of this movie "I Want You". In the case of our series "The Boat" and "Moon" on DIRECT TV and AXN, both have been very well received, ranking among the most watched titles in both cases.


  • Positive results are also shared by Explora Films, Carlos Sevillano, Head of Distribution: "II is our case in Russia, Kultura Channel has renewed rights for a package of documentaries, it is a re-run due to the huge success of audience on their channel, but it is also important to note that last year we made a custom production for National Geographic entitled "Abu Dhabi, Between Tradition And The 21st Century" .... and that this MIP TV many clients are waiting to see our latest special "Wild Team". We believe it will be an international success because buyers have highlighted the originality of the idea, and spent months waiting for the completion of this latest production of the natural history team Explora Films".

PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF CHILDREN PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL FOOTPRINT.- Big International companies confide the commercial Management of their products to Spanish firms, especially, but not only, for the regions of southern Europe and Latin America. Some of the most recent cases of commercial associations, according to the data provided and published by companies, are:

  • Imira entertainment is the company which is behind the last successes of the programs of the German ZDF in the Latin American market. It is one of the internationally most prestigious animation producing companies of Spain. A fact which will be reflected again at MIP TV with the presentation of "Horacio y los Plasticines" co-produced with Zumbastico Studio and "Larva"  the animation series 3D CGI produced by Tuba Entertainment in South Korea. All these products, together with "Sandra detective de Cuentos" and "Lucky Fred" represent one of the most important and complete portfolios of the market for Children and Youth targets.
  • BRB has recently communicated its agreement with Youtube as worldwide aggregator for animation, being one of the world's first companies to reach this recognition. Furthermore, it will present at MIP TV."Filly in Funtasia" in co-production with the multinational Dracco and Screen 21 and will protagonize the front page of Kid Screen with the series "Invizimals" based on the videogame saga created by the Spanish studio Novarama and internationally launched by Sony Computer Entertainment. 
  • With a company profile of brand management, Elastic Rights with its headquarters in Madrid, has established itself in various European territories such as Turkey, Italy, France Greece and Portugal, resides of Spain. In its product portfolio are titles such as the Autralian Prank Patrol produced by Marvista, Slugterra co-production of Nerd Corps and Disney XD and of course also counts on Spanish productions such as "Clay Kids" by Clay Animación.

Audiovisual from Spain is the umbrella brand used to promote the Spanish Content Industry in all the international television tradeshows and any other promotional or commercial activity of the Spanish companies worldwide. All the promotional actions under this brand are sponsored by ICEX, Spain trade and investment, and FAPAE Spanish Audiovisual Producers Confederation.

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