The initiative promoted by Eiken and EiTB has been included in the MIPFORMATS list of events, with a conference on Sunday 7 April in the auditorium of the Cannes Festival and Congress Palace

Innova Basque Audiovisual opens the doors of the main international markets in Cannes to Basque Audiovisual

  • The programme in support of pilot production, now in its second edition, will be presented to the main international audiovisual companies.
  • Basque Audiovisual will also be present during the MIPTV trade show, from 8 to 11 April, with its own stand in the Riviera Pavilion, and 10 Basque companies taking part.
  • The success of the first edition of Innova Basque Audiovisual led to a representative of Armoza, an Israeli company and world leader in the field of formats, becoming one of the members of the jury.
  • The production companies taking part in the second edition will be allowed to participate in a format consultancy session with the aid of Armoza as well as the prestigious The Wit Company.

(Virtual Press Office) --  Innova Basque Audiovisual, Eiken and EiTB's initiative to promote the production of pilots, will be the sole protagonist in one of the conferences planned for Cannes' MIPFORMATS trade fair, which is to be held at the end of this week, as a prelude to the MIPTV media market. The presentation, in the auditorium of the Palais des Festivals, at 3 pm on Sunday 7 April, will be given by Director of the Etxepare Institute, Aizpea Goenaga and director of Eiken, Itziar Mena, as well as Aiala Fernández, head of the cluster's international expansion area. Innova Basque Audiovisual will thus help focus the attention of a large part of the international sector present at the fair on the Basque audiovisual industry.

The presence of this initiative in the MIPFORMATS list of conferences is an unprecedented opportunity for the Basque audiovisual industry in its efforts to gain access to the most important markets and companies throughout the world.  In this respect, Eiken's strategy goes beyond the presentation of Innova Basque Audiovisual at MIPFORMATS, as, during the course of MIPTV, from 8 to 11 April, Basque Audiovisual will be present with the aid of its own stand in the trade fair under the motto "Basque Audiovisual, the international brand of the Basque audiovisual industry"

This will be the seventh occasion running on which the Basque audiovisual sector takes part under one common brand in MIPTV, one of the main world markets. As on previous occasions, Eiken and the Etxepare Institute will present the latest developments in the Basque audiovisual catalogue in Cannes with the active presence of ten companies: Baleuko, Basque Stream, Dibulitoon EiTB, Exppresive, Jarkatza, K 2000, Mediabask, Pausoka and Somuga.

A result of two trade missions to Holland and Israel organised by Eiken, with the support of the Provincial Government of Bizkaia's department of Economic Promotion, the initiative also involved setting up a series of trade meetings with companies and bodies from these countries as, during the course of the fair, the Cannes market is the meeting point of the international audiovisual industry. 

Second edition of Innova Basque Audiovisual
Among other objectives, the 7 April conference aims at generating a flow of visitors to the Basque Audiovisual stand in order to foment the trade activity of the Basque companies involved. In the case of the Innova Basque Audiovisual initiative itself, it seeks to promote the greatest possible participation by Basque businesses as international interest and possibilities were clearly reflected in the success of the first edition.

Worthy of particular mention among the initiative's latest developments is the addition of a representative of Armoza, from Israel, to the international jury, as well as the possibility to take part in the session of individual consultancy on formats with the aid of Armoza and The Wit, also of world renown. This educational aspect of the initiative was recently reinforced when Patty Geneste, chairperson of the international format industry association, FRAPA, and director of the Dutch production company Absolutely Independent, gave a master class in Bilbao.

The deadline for submitting ideas in order to participate in the second edition of Innova Basque Audiovisual is 8 May. The best projects, selected by the international jury, will be produced and subsequently broadcast by ETB. They will likewise be presented internationally at the MIPCOM trade fair in Cannes in October of this year, for their commercialisation on foreign markets. 


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