Paris, France April 3rd 2013 - (Virtual Press Office) - This is the last summer before the four great empires awaken to a war they never dreamed possible and a war that will eventually decimate tens of millions of their people. This is Europe, 1914. This is the story of THE SLEEPWALKERS.

Each in their glittering capitols and lavish palaces, the Monarchs sip champagne while overseeing an unstoppable arms race. The Statesmen stumble through sordid political sex scandals and manipulate each crisis toward their own best intentions. The Generals mobilize armies from the decks of their private yachts while "nationalist" students train as suicide bombers in nearby dusty terrorist camps.

THE SLEEPWALKERS is a 6-Part Television Miniseries based on the recent best-selling book by Chris Clark and covers the 6-month period prior to the outbreak of the First Great War. The project is slated to air in the Summer of 2014 to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of the actual story events.

"This promises to be a historical mini-series unlike any other", says LNC Media's President Leslie Nelson Cressy, "The breadth and pageantry of the period, the unforgettable bigger than life characters, and the insidious terrorist plot which started the conflict promise to make THE SLEEPWALKERS the TV event of 2014."

Executive producer, John Beckner immediately knew who he wanted to adapt the book for the small screen, leading Hollywood writer and younger brother Michael Frost Beckner (SNIPER, SPY GAME, CSI). "Frankly, I thought Michael would say no way", says John. "He was right in the middle of his own TV mini on the American Civil War and a couple other big projects, but lucky for us he jumped right in!”
Leslie and John have designed the production to be truly international. "One of the truly unique things about this story is that no one country or person is set up as the bad guy", says Beckner. "The audience will be able to relate to the story and the characters from their own unique historical cheering section."

Leslie adds, "The Sleepwalkers” is the story of how Europe got to be the Europe of today. And in many ways, the audience will see we're still struggling with the same issues."

Leslie Nelson Cressy and John Beckner will be in Cannes from April 8-11th, and are currently looking for investors.

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