Motor Sport TV - Club Xtreme TV, the Web TV Goes Off-road with Video Vallès

(Virtual Press Office) -- Video Vallès is a Spanish company, based in the North East of Spain. They have been working on the audiovisual market since 1989, providing their expertise and services with one main concept: Revolution. They offer a wide range of services to help companies improving their visual communications, an essential tool today to be a leading actor on any market.

Actor of a Revolution

Jordi Andreu, producer at Video Vallès, remembers that he has been working with NewTek since 1991, back then when we were working with the first video mixer of NewTek, the Video Toaster. But strange enough, visiting Video Vallès' website, the word "revolution" pops everywhere. Could we say that it is all what TriCaster is about?

When the first TriCaster was launched, it was a real revolution to be able to do so many things with only one piece of equipment. It went crescendo with TriCaster HD systems and all the new enhancement of the line. Finally the professional line of TriCasters launched last year at NAB, left its mark in the industry. The latest versions of TriCasters, which include enhanced capabilities for virtual sets use, raised the bar, with in particular, the ability to have 4 different inputs in one set, the motion tracking function, the hot spot triggering... All these technology enhancements have made TriCaster the must have on producers' list, for television or web productions.

Video Vallès is one of the many actors that have taken this opportunity to revolutionize the market and offer virtual environments productions. The virtual sets capabilities gave them the possibility to offer more services to their customers, but also to provide new production concepts.  Knowing the budget required for a full virtual environment or even a real studio, TriCaster virtual set integration gave some air to production companies to evolve in a competitive market, lower the budgets and literally change the way we do television or web shows.    

Motor Sport Live Streaming

Motor Sport TV is a web TV in Spanish, aimed at delivering the latest news of motor sports from a professional point of view. The project of such a web TV was based on the fact that there was a lack of media resources and media vectors for motor sports in Spain.

Motors Sport TV is actually part of a much bigger project, a Web TV called Baktun+. This entertainment magazine is an ambitious web TV, which started to stream live on December 21st 2012.

Julio Garcia a journalist, radio and TV presenter and motocross rider, has been running "Club Xtreme" magazine for seven years. Following Motor Sport TV's launch, Julio Garcia joined the adventure of Video Vallès and now produces "Club Xtreme TV" with TriCaster. This web TV is dedicated to off road motor sports: motocross, supermotard, Quadcross, Freestyle, Enduro, Trials and Raids.

When Jordi accepted to produce this project, he recommended TriCaster for a simple reason. TriCaster always delivers high quality productions. It is the best tool if you need to travel, plug it in and move it from one place to another, or evolve in challenging production environments. Another practical fact, TriCaster is compatible with most of the equipments on the market today. Being able to integrate TriCaster in any production workflow is a real advantage today. In the end, versatility, the all-in-one factor, in a compact system, were the reasons why TriCaster was chosen to produce Motor Sport TV.

Nevertheless, some question marks were remaining. Will TriCaster provide the ability to transmit in real-time and in high quality? Is the integration of the virtual sets with TriCaster that efficient?

Virtual Sets Productions

Today, Virtual Set Editor, the software pairing with all TriCaster HD, makes the creation and the implementation of virtual sets in any production workflow very easy. Video Vallès' team also produces the virtual environments in LightWave, with the help of Photoshop.

All the virtual sets were designed in order to give the impression of a massive studio. It allowed Jordi and the production crew to implement a large variety of programs with a large variety of resources and without the worry of the cost of equivalent productions.

They currently use a TriCaster 450 Extreme at full capacity, with four cameras that are needed for the interviews and the virtual sets.

"Because of all the possibilities that we have in hands, we use almost 100% of the potential of all the equipments we have", says Jordi Andreu, producer at Video Vallès. For example, thanks to the ISO record technology, they can prepare clips and quickly select the images that they want to use or wish to replay during interviews, without losing any minute on the live show.

They can instantly edit the recorded images and make adjustments to achieve the result they want for the coming interviews, all while they are live. The integrated DDRs, gave the ability to play clips and videos as they want them to appear, play the sequences related to the topic of the show. Finally, they can add graphics and transitions effects and therefore offer a high quality show on the web.

"Only TriCaster allows live production to be that easy, it's incredible!" concludes Jordi Andreu.

The show started to stream live in early January 2013.
Watch Baktun TV live 
Watch Motor Sport TV Live

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