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TV studios upgrade to ETC Sensor3™ Power Control

Middleton, WI (April 8, 2013) — (Virtual Press Office) -- As some of the fastest-paced production venues, TV studios face lighting and power control challenges that are directly related to the continuous nature of their programming, with some even operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. “They need the most robust and reliable equipment,” says ETC product manager Jake Dunnum. With these rigorous requirements and evolving load types, many studios are upgrading to ETC Sensor3.

With production values higher than ever (high-definition, etc.) and unrelieved uptime, TV is an extreme testing ground for the resilience of lighting equipment.
System-integrator Barbizon Capitol, located in Alexandria, Virginia, recently installed 31 new Sensor3 power-control racks into a major cable network’s studios. Additionally, three existing Sensor+ dimming racks were updated to accept the new ETC CEM3™ power control, which allows for consistency of equipment throughout the facility. System wide, more than 3,000 circuits are controlled by ETC’s new ThruPower™ Modules, which allow for an easy change between dimming, relay switching, and constant power via a switch on the face of the module. The remainder of the circuits is powered by ETC’s Sensor+ D50AF dimming modules to support existing 50A services.

The power-control choice was also driven by a move to greener lighting. For best studio lighting results and efficacy, most studios now employ hybrid lighting rigs — mixing conventionals and LEDs (for instance, Source Four® spotlights, ETC Selador Desire™ LED fixtures, as well as fluorescent fixtures). Says Barbizon Capitol Systems Manager Mark Fink: “High-profile studios are increasingly upgrading their lighting packages to more energy-efficient LED fixtures that require constant-power instead of dimming. The ThruPower Modules’ 3-in-1 functionality is easing the transition to solid-state lighting.”

"This really is the best way to go for anyone installing centralized power controls for a studio or theater,” says Fink. “The ability of the system to be future compatible as lighting technology evolves from dimming incandescent loads to fixtures that require switched or constant power is a huge selling point, and ThruPower modules accomplish this fully.”

Adds Dunnum, “Sensor3 and ThruPower innovations are further testament to ETC’s commitment to evolving power infrastructure and the quality of light.”

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