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May 1, 2013

Contact: Dina Houser, Ola! Foods

Ola! Foods Says Good-Bye to Gluten

Going Gluten-FREE - (Virtual Press Office) -- With the growing demand for foods with Gluten-Free ingredients for those with Celiac Disease and others choosing to follow this particular lifestyle, one change that Ola! Foods will be making is taking the gluten out of all their recipes. "We love our granola, but what we don't love is that not everyone can enjoy it," says Dina Houser, Founder and President of Ola! Foods.  "By doing so, we haven't changed the great flavor and crunch people know and love, but simply eliminated the wheat and replaced it with certified gluten-free oat based ingredients to maintain our complex carbohydrates." The result is a granola that everyone can love with improved nutritionals and fewer calories and sugar.

Ola! Foods will also be adding a fourth flavor, Chocolate Banana Chip, to their existing three delicious flavors which will be included in the Gluten-Free roll out. "The trial testing that we have done with the new flavor and gluten-free recipes have been unanimously and overwhelmingly positive. Everybody LOVES it!," says Jason Balogh, Operations Manager of Ola! Foods. "What's even more exciting is our now newly expanded and designated gluten-free facility. The possibilities are endless of what we can create here."

In order to meet the growing demand for Ola's product, a contiguous space became vacant in their building increasing their original leased space from 2,705 to 6,714 square feet. This expansion provided their company with the additional kitchen, warehouse and office space necessary to meet production needs.

"So enjoy our 100% Natural now Gluten-Free Granola in four delicious varieties," say Dina. "And do so with the knowledge that all profits are generously donated to helping disadvantaged youth achieve their goals through BeFoundation. Every bite counts!" Learn more at

Ola! Foods, LLC, is a natural food company whose initial granola product offering is currently sold in 2000+ stores throughout the Northeast United States. Ola! Granola is a premium quality product, with pure ingredients, including maple syrup as a healthier, more natural sweetener and good source of energy. The Ola! brand name underlines the simplicity of the initial granola offering and the friendliness of the brand. It's Happy Good-for-you Energy Food®, making it Kid friendly and Mom approved!

Projected July, 2013 Roll out for ALL Gluten-Free Ola! Granola products

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