During economic hard times, it is refreshing to hear of innovation, entrepreneurial vision and a movement towards local business. Read more about how a Boston couple dives into the world of gourmet sea salt and spices.

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Boston couple shakes up the economy as they grow a gourmet salt and spice company

BOSTON, Massachusetts (Virtual Press Office)- After graduating from the country's top MBA program for entrepreneurship at Babson College, Scott Rousseau set out to acquire his first business. Joined by his wife, Sarah, the couple has combined their love for food with Scott's education in business and recently closed on an innovative gourmet sea salt and spice company, Beyond the Shaker, LLC.


Beyond The Shaker is an innovative sea salt and organic spice company striving to enhance gourmet cooking at home. Beyond the Shaker not only has a line of natural sea salts but also specializes in its unique and proprietary blends that pair unrefined sea salt with premium organic and sustainable ingredients. One of our guiding principles is to educate consumers (with our Salt Guide) about the history of salt, types of salt and the gamut of uses for the sea's "white gold."


Each Beyond the Shaker blend is chef-created, hand blended and all-natural. Scott and Sarah have a passion for local, natural and organic ingredients and this philosophy has carried over to their business. "Beyond The Shaker has 10 unique blends that use the finest, all-natural ingredients and the quality and flavor distinction are striking," noted Scott.


These highly versatile blends include their Citrus Basil blend which is incredibly fresh, tangy and filled with citrus aroma and flavor. "The success of this recipe comes from using the highest quality ingredients including lemon myrtle, a rainforest spice from Australia. This is combined with organic basil, orange peel and lemon peel, and the very delicate Murray River Salt. It's a perfect blend for a filet of Atlantic salmon, sea scallops or even on the rim of a margarita glass.


Beyond The Shaker also sells 11 all-natural sea salts that come from all over the world, including Australia, Greece, France, the Himalayas and parts of the United States, such as Hawaii. They all have different textures, degrees of salinity and are naturally colored by the minerals in the salt crystals. All of the salts are packaged in exquisite, Italian glass jars that can be stacked or married side-by-side, "The salts and blends are not only great for everyday cooking, but also they make a great gift since the jars stand out and catch your eye," suggested Sarah. Additionally, all of the sea salts and blends are available in a sample pouch and can be easily found on the website.


Beyond the Shaker's website serves not only as a portal for purchasing unrefined salts and blends, but also as a comprehensive guide to the world of gourmet salt. Visitors will find detailed descriptions of different types of salt including cooking suggestions and recipes, as well as a lively blog which is devoted to salt-related topics. Since its launch, Beyond the Shaker focused on natural sea salts, mined salts and chef-blended varieties. Now, with Scott and Sarah looking to grow the company, they plan to introduce additional blends and focus on new product development.


ABOUT THE COMPANY: Beyond The Shaker is a gourmet sea salt company specializing in all-natural, unrefined sea salts and salt blends that use premium organic and sustainable ingredients. Originally founded in 2009 by two brothers in the Mid-West, Beyond The Shaker was acquired by Scott and Sarah after they discovered the company was for sale in early 2012. Scott and Sarah fell in love with the products immediately and purchased the company this past April. Scott is the full-time owner and operator of Beyond The Shaker, while Sarah continues her full-time job, working at the Melrose-Wakefield Hospital and spends her free-time helping Scott grow the business.


For more information or to purchase any of their unique blends, please go to the Beyond the Shaker website, www.beyondtheshaker.com.

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