Brazilian companies prepare an enticing and instructive Cachaça tasting experience to promote the country’s national distillate.

(Virtual Press Office) -- The Brazilian Pavilion will feature a Cachaça Bar open to the public at the upcoming Summer Fancy Food Show. The venue will gather four Cachaça manufacturers and serve sample shots of pure Cachaça and Cachaça drinks. The main attraction will be famous ‘caipirinha’, the Brazilian quintessential cocktail made with lime, sugar and ice. Besides promoting Brazil´s national distillate, the happening will highlight the recognition by the U.S. Government of Cachaça as an exclusively Brazilian product. From now on only the beverage produced in Brazil will be able to hold the name Cachaça.

Cachaça (pronounced kuh-shah-suh) was the first spirit to be produced in the Americas and is acknowledged as part of Brazilian cultural heritage. There are two major types of the liquor and much debate on the issue - ‘Industrial caninha’ is a simple unaged large scale production distillate. ‘Alembic Cachaça’ is obtained from the distillation of sugar cane juice after fermentation in copper stills, without addition of sugar, artificial dying or any other ingredient or additive. It might be aged in wooden casks or bottled unaged.

For more than four centuries, Cachaça has been produced in different regions in Brazil. The variety of flavors stems from different types of soil, weather conditions and production techniques. Roughly, there are five thousands registered marks in the country, and they vary in aroma, color, flavor and feeling. Most of them are artisan marks that not surprisingly couple enduring family recipes and secrets with updated technology. The full appreciation of a good Cachaça involves a meticulous and delicate tasting ritual, similar to the ones of wine and whisky. Nowadays, Brazil exports the distillate to more than 70 countries.

The manufacturers exhibiting at the Brazilian Pavilion will showcase a large range of Cachaças, from industrial to aged artisan brands. Moreover IBRAC, a major industry trade body, will be at the show, at attendees’ disposal, summing up to the networking opportunities.
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