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Chunghwa Telecom Showcases NFC & QR Code Mobile
Payment Applications at 2013 Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai

Signs MoUs with Carriers in Japan and Hong Kong to Introduce NFC Roaming Services

(Shanghai, China) — (Virtual Press Office) -- Chunghwa Telecom, the leading telecom operator and the pioneer of mobile payment technology in Taiwan, will be participating in this year's Mobile Asia Expo held in Shanghai. In order to show how mobile payment solutions can shape the future, Chunghwa Telecom will demonstrate its latest in-house developed Trusted Service Management (TSM) platform based upon near field communication (NFC) technology, the smart wallet, and new QR Code payment applications. Meanwhile, Chunghwa Telecom will also show its new NFC roaming service technology developed in collaboration with partners, KDDI in Japan and PCCW-HKT in Hong Kong to enable travelers to keep enjoying NFC services while roaming.

Touring Asia Made Easier with Chunghwa Telecom NFC Roaming Service
Chunghwa Telecom recently respectively signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with KDDI and PCCW-HKT—two of the area's major telecom providers—in an effort to integrate its NFC mobile payment technology and provide NFC roaming services. At this year’s Mobile Asia Expo, Chunghwa Telecom is not only displaying its existing NFC applications, but is also giving visitors a glimpse of new roaming technology of NFC smart posters services in alliance with KDDI. Chunghwa Telecom is keeping on collaborating closely with KDDI to make life more convenient and fun with NFC while roaming. In the near future, Taiwanese travelers will be able to download coupons and enjoy more local offers by simply contacting NFC smart posters with their NFC phones in Japan and vice versa.

Chunghwa Telecom has also signed a MoU with PCCW-HKT to build a closer cooperative framework that enables travelers to utilize NFC transit card applications while traveling abroad. Once this is commercialized, Hong Kong travelers can download transit cards from Chunghwa Telecom's TSM platform using over-the-air (OTA) technology to their NFC phones. And then, they are easily to get on a bus/ MRT or make small purchases in Taiwan via simply tagging their phones to the readers. In addition, travelers from Hong Kong may also contact NFC posters with their cell phones to access instant promotional discounts or download audio tour guides at participating locations across Taiwan.

The First in Taiwan! Chunghwa Telecom Introduces NFC Lifestyle with Smart Wallet
President Lin Kuo-Feng of Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Business Group said, "Chunghwa Telecom continues to research NFC and QR Code applications. As the only Taiwanese telecom operator in this year's Mobile Asia Expo, we will demonstrate our TSM interface, Hami Smart Wallet solution, and more NFC applications such as mobile advertisements, coupon services, employee ID recognition, bicycle rental services, as well as vending machine and convenience store purchases. We believe that NFC will revolutionize conventional marketing, and we look forward to the day when both the technology and the applications mature, and the day when both the consumers and businesses can benefit from commercialized NFC services.”

Chunghwa Telecom Introduces QR Code Mobile Payment to Complement NFC Services
In addition to NFC applications, Chunghwa Telecom is also showing its QR Code mobile payments technology, which allows the consumers to shop remotely through the displays of their phones, TVs, and computers. AT the exhibition, consumers can scan the mobile payment QR Codes displayed on ETMall TV Shopping Channel or VIZIO Smart TV Mall to order and pay simultaneously. This significantly reduces payment and processing time and provides the consumers additional mobile payment applications. The Mobile Asia Expo is proving to be an excellent platform for showcasing Taiwan’s soft power in the industry of mobile technology.

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