Jun 25, 2013 10:00 ET

Cantsink Celebrates 25th Anniversary

LILBURN, Ga., June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cantsink, a leading manufacturer and installer of helical piles, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in business.

"This is a significant milestone for any company and we are proud to have been serving builders, developers, municipalities and solar installers for a quarter of a century.

"Over that time we have seen markets develop and our industry grow tremendously in Georgia, the Southeast, around the nation and beyond. We feel we have contributed to that growth in assisting companies with their foundation needs," said Patrick Hutchinson, President of Cantsink.

After 25 years, Cantsink is still evolving as a company. The focus has been on helical piles and engineering, and this year the scope has broadened to encompass driven piles as well. This will allow the staff to serve most any foundation need.

Hutchinson added, "One of the keys to our success is our people. We have staff members that have been with Cantsink since the beginning, and others who have joined our team along the way to create a unique mix of experience, insight and assistance in every aspect of our business."

Cantsink Manufacturing specializes in the fabrication and assembly of helical piles used in foundation repair and for supporting ground-mounted solar arrays. These are galvanized pipe shaft assemblies that feature 3/8-inch thick steel plates of varying diameters that are pitched like a screw at the tip. When screwed into the ground, helical piles can provide support to most any type of foundation, from single- and multi-family dwellings to commercial buildings, retaining walls and solar panel arrays. For more information, visit www.cantsink.com or call 678-280-7453.

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