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Concentrated Liquid Brines Enhance Seafood and Meat Dishes

ATHENS, GA (June 24, 2013) – (Virtual Press Office) -- With summer here, everyone wants to spend more time outdoors and less time standing over a hot stove. Fortunately, Fire & Flavor offers a line of liquid brines that are concentrated to allow a wide range of meat and seafood to brine in a shorter period of time. The liquid brines make it even easier for home chefs to achieve unforgettable juiciness and flavor any day of the week.

"Like all of our products, our liquid brines are all-natural, fat-free, gluten-free and are made without any preservatives or artificial ingredients," said Gena Knox, co-founder of Fire & Flavor. "As a mother, I know it can be challenging to provide your family with a great tasting, healthy meal on a weeknight. These liquid brines cut back on cooking time, but not on flavor."

With three different flavors to choose from, the brine concentrates complement a variety of cooking techniques, whether that's grilling, roasting, sautéing or smoking. The chicken brine can be used on chicken breasts, legs or to roast whole chickens. The garlic and herbs in the chicken brine can also be added to pork, shrimp and fish. A mixture of espresso, chilies and molasses makes the beef brine ideal for use on tougher cuts of beef, such as flank, skirt and hanger steak, as well as beef ribs, brisket and roast. Trout, salmon or pork can also be substituted for beef. For a Southern twist, the pork brine blends sweet tea, lemon and brown sugar and is recommended for brining pork chops, tenderloin, ribs and butt, but can also be used on chicken, shrimp and fish.

Fire & Flavor brines are a mixture of salt, sugar, spices and herbs that boost flavor, improve texture and add moisture to lean meats, making it more effective than marinades that only add flavor to the outside layer of meats. The brines contain just the right amount of salt to "unwind" the meat proteins, making them tender and moist without significantly raising sodium levels.

Cooking with the brines is simple and only requires the home cook to add one part brine to one part water and brine according to the time chart listed on the package. Once opened, the liquid brines should be refrigerated and will stay fresh for up to three weeks. Each package features an original sketch from illustrator John Burgoyne, who is well-known for his illustrations regularly seen in Cook's Illustrated Magazine.  

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About Fire & Flavor
Based in Athens, Ga., Fire & Flavor is a leading marketer and producer of innovative products and concepts for preparing fresh, flavorful food. Founded by husband-and-wife team Davis and Gena Knox, Fire & Flavor offers unique and easy-to-use products for at-home cooking. Products are currently throughout the United States and beyond. Fire & Flavor products are always all natural. For more information, visit the company online at

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