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New Tea Line Brews Up Attention With Premium Blends From India

Chai Diaries encourages consumers to enjoy life's moments through a cup of tea infused with personality and passion

New York – (Virtual Press Office) -- Chai Diaries, a new company that offers premium tea blends from South and Southeast Asia, is brewing up rave reviews from tea lovers with their unique herbal blends. Inspired by the summers of Southern India’s Nilgiri Hills, one of the country’s most prominent tea regions, Chai Diaries gives tea enthusiasts and new connoisseurs alike an escape into the sensual romance of inspiring tea blends.

Chai Diaries’ teas are expertly mixed to stimulate each individual’s thoughts and passions. With an array of sweet blends like White Champagne Raspberry and Berry Blast, to rich combinations like Organic Masala Chai and Earl Grey Imperial, there is a blend for everyone. Chai Diaries offers 45 varieties of teas based on blends including Black, Chai, Green, Infusion, Oolong, Pu-Erh, Rooibos, White and their own Signature Blends. Teas are available for purchase in loose leaf and tea bags, refillable tins or a three-can combination box.

The name Chai Diaries is a combination of the beloved Indian word ‘chai’ (generic for tea) and the sincere emotions behind personal thoughts written down. It symbolizes how tea blends are reflective of an individual’s personality, passions and life. The Chai Diaries teas encourage people to pause and reconnect with themselves.

All Chai Diaries tealeaves are imported directly from the tea-producing countries of India, Sri Lanka and China and infused with fruit, botanical ingredients and all-natural products at the International Tea Importers’ California plant. Mindful of the environment in which tealeaves are grown, Chai Diaries tea is packaged in reusable tins, eco-friendly paper cans and biodegradable pyramid tea bags.

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About Chai Diaries

International Tea Importers (ITI) is the distributor for Chai Diaries in North America and Canada. ITI is a Los Angeles based company focused on the importation and supply of quality tealeaves in the United States. For more information on ITI please visit
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