CHAI RUM revealed
… at Trinidad and Tobago’s Pavilion #5527

For immediate release

June 26, 2013:- The SMAKS Luxury Group, a second generation, family owned business, established more than thirty years ago in Trinidad and Tobago, will reveal a first-of-a-kind product - CHAI RUM- at the 59th Summer Fancy Food Show. SMAKS’s unparalleled production process (patent pending) creates a sipping product which separates it from all rum categories into a class of its own. With the finesse of a very fine cognac and an unequalled smoothness, this limited reserve libation is described by the company as ‘superseding the idea of regional rums as the only true Rum of the Oceans’.

Be the first in the world to sample this unique, new ‘rum’!

SMAKS will also reveal a ‘tea, unique in all the world’. SMAKS Angostura® Aromatic Bitters Bespoke Tea Blend, created by SMAKS, brings together the legendary secret bitters botanical blend from the tropics (developed in 1824 by Johann Seigert) with Darjeeling leaves from the Himalaya and tropical fruits and flowers. This unique tea joins the rest of the SMAKS family. Other teas in the Luxury Group’s bespoke tea menu boast uniquely Caribbean flavours, including Trinidad Breakfast, Tobago Afternoon, Caribbean Chai, Hispaniola, Trinitario Dark, St Thomas Luxe, Barbados Silver, Trinitario Light, Bermuda Pink, Grenadine Purple and Antillean Green, all embodying the luxurious essence of the West Indies.

‘We do not model ourselves on other tea companies. Our West Indian history, geographic location and lifestyle, give us a unique perspective from which to interpret a story, create experiences and share the romance of our Region’ says Kiran Shiva Akal, Creative Director.

Over the past two years, the SMAKS Luxury Group has won two major competitions, including the UKTI Breakpoint, voting it most likely to succeed in the UK markets and beyond. Its teas were also presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the Diamond Jubilee and the company now boasts of two products that are ‘unique in all the world’ – Chai Rum and Angostura ® Aromatic Bitters Bespoke Tea Blend!

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