LAS VEGAS, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Peoplefluent®, a leading social human capital management technology company, today introduced Peoplefluent Leadership Development Mirror, a powerful and collaborative engagement solution designed to help organizations transform today's learners into tomorrow's leaders. Innovatively integrating learning management capabilities, advanced video technology and new social collaboration platforms, Peoplefluent has radically redefined the critical context and important impact of corporate learning. The Leadership Development Mirror's highly configurable platform offers unique, specialized and relevant Mirror dashboards, which reflect the information, analytic, community and interactive preferences of the user promoting engagement through the most relevant leadership collaboration. Peoplefluent Leadership Development Mirror is being showcased at the HR Technology Conference this week in Las Vegas (Booth #1201).


"For our customers, the backbone of their long-term business success hinges on their ability to identify and build leaders through targeted talent development. With a meaningful and strategic investment in a breakthrough Learning Management platform a year ago and with ongoing significant investment in innovation to radically expand our learning innovation, Peoplefluent has been squarely focused on this increasingly high priority issue for our customers," said Jeff Carr, president and CEO of Peoplefluent. "We are delighted to announce the availability of our Leadership Development Mirror and for the ways in which we are now able to significantly improve an organization's ability to harness the cumulative competencies, ideas, knowhow, intellectual characteristics and leadership traits of its top performers and to infuse them into a collaborative knowledge environment to propel the leadership ranks of the future."

According to the Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Learning 2013: The March to Social and Mobile (Jim Lundy, September 30, 2013), which recently acknowledged Peoplefluent with the leadership position in its Innovation category, "The combination of formal and informal instruction, social interactions, mentoring and video content delivery make the new Peoplefluent learning solution one to watch."

While organizations are dedicating resources to leadership development – Bersin by Deloitte noted that companies increased leadership development spending to an estimated $13.6 billion in 2012, a 14 percent increase over the previous year – many are confronting a significant talent shortage. The Leadership Development Mirror facilitates a collaborative learning environment where organizations' top leaders and high-potential employees can virtually connect for an online learning experience. This environment, coupling formal and informal training, brings engagement and learning to employees and provides a way for emerging leaders to better connect with their colleagues and mentors through uniquely integrated and deeply functional video and social technology.

At the core of Leadership Development Mirror is video content that delivers an impact that text alone cannot match. A user-friendly dashboard enables organizations to build a library of expert materials and disseminate high-impact video to leaders to consume as part of a structured milestone-driven leadership program with the flexibility to learn on their own time. The Peoplefluent Leadership Development Mirror is the first solution of its kind to offer embedded live video content with features that include closed-captioning, content searching, video chapter tabbing, discussion threading and interactive chat dialogue. Video-enabled online interaction connects respected peers with similar interests and matches mentors better than arbitrary assignments, critical to delivering a better leadership development experience and boosting retention.

Acknowledging that that every learner has the potential to be a future leader if supported with the right information and collaboration tools, Peoplefluent Leadership Development Mirror provides organizations with a way to apply infinite versatility and deep configuration and personalization to their leadership programs, as well as continually refreshing, updating and replenishing shared content to foster a more engaged workforce that maximizes its potential. In addition, Peoplefluent Leadership Development Mirror enables businesses to deliver management development strategies designed to improve future leaders by driving organizational transformations and managing regulatory change, globalization and overall talent management to realize a greater return on management decisions.

Peoplefluent Leadership Development Mirror is ideally suited for organizations that have an established leadership program in place but find that they don't have a single, underlying technology platform to truly build relationships, provide the content future leaders need and support learning in the way future leaders prefer to engage. The Leadership Development Mirror highlights include:

  • Connecting learners with experts and content owners, companion document and digital resource synchronization.
  • Supporting a dynamic library of viewer contributions to facilitate interaction and engagement between employees, teams and colleagues through shared experiences, including creation of dedicated learning workspaces and shared content tagging.
  • Creating secure collaborative mentoring workspaces in which leaders and mentors can share information and track leadership development progress.
  • Enabling leaders to submit ideas, review each other's inputs, then vote and comment on each.
  • Integrating with Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and learning capabilities so select content can be tracked with respect to progress toward completion.
  • Tying together informal learning activities with formal learning actions such as taking a quiz, when applicable.

Attendees at the HR Technology Conference will be able to see live demos of Peoplefluent Leadership Development Mirror, as well as other solutions within the comprehensive Peoplefluent talent management product family.

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