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(Virtual Press Office) -- Foster’s Pickled Products introduces a 16 ounce jar to their family of pickled asparagus and pickled green beans. This new line is ready for distribution starting in 2014.

Over the years Foster’s has satisfied many consumers with a 32 ounce jar of their pickled asparagus or green beans. Due to the increasing number of requests for a smaller specialty size, Foster’s decided to introduce a 16 ounce size jar. Along with helping out the potential customers with limited shelf space, they also have been prompted to bring a better value to the stores near you.

A new line of products always presents another opportunity to tell the remarkable story behind Foster’s Pickled Products. Kevin Filbrun and Bryan Lynch, who have a passion for agriculture, are family oriented brothers who have been farming for over 20 years in the Columbia Basin of Washington State. They have been active in the local community through coaching youth sporting teams, volunteering in community service, giving to charities, and providing support for youth missions. Their success can be attributed to operating with integrity, a passion for business, and sustainable farming programs. These characteristics have given these brothers the opportunity to bring a long line of farming to an eager fourth generation who are learning what it means to bring a quality product to the market.

The excellence customers have come to expect is achieved through careful and intentional steps. The asparagus is precisely cut daily and immediately shipped from their fields to the fresh packing lines or to the processing plant for pickling. With the processing plants only being a mere 10 miles from their asparagus fields, Foster’s guarantees a fresh product going into processing and ultimately on to the consumer. “Growing the raw product in our own fields give us an advantage, the consumer can buy our asparagus knowing that it’s been processed fresh or placed into the jar for pickling within 24 hours”, says Kevin Filbrun, President of Columbia Valley Family Farms (Foster’s Pickled Products).

Loyal customers in Canada and the Northwestern United States have seen Foster’s Pickled Products in major wholesale chains, retail outlets, and roadside stands for over 20 years. Columbia Valley Family Farms is looking forward to seeing their new specialty size distributed across the United States for years to come.

The new 16 ounce jar that Foster’s Pickled Products is bringing to the market presents retailers, distributors, and wholesalers with new options and for the consumer it is the perfect size for social functions, downsized households, or even the casual sampler.

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