Tecore Introduces LiTECORE, the World's Smallest 4G Core Network
From the company that pioneered 'Core on a Blade,' Tecore Networks announces its 'Core on a Minicard'

Columbia, MD, February 27, 2012 - (Virtual Press Office) - Tecore Networks, a pioneer global supplier and innovator of wireless network infrastructure, today announced the release of its ground-breaking LiTECORE technology, delivering the world's smallest 4G core network platform. LiTECORE delivers the next generation core network capability in a credit card-sized, Intel-based computing platform perfectly suited for niche market segments that require the full capabilities of the network at the edge.

Given the size and cost of legacy equipment, pushing the complete functionality of the network to the edge has been size and cost prohibitive. With LiTECORE, the core network is now available in a size of that of a smartphone. Moreover, when combined with scalable base station architectures ranging from femto, to pico, to micro based units, a complete network capability (core and access) can be delivered in a platform the size of a notebook computer.

For private networks and government/military applications, the LiTECORE platform's pluggable module is ideal for swapping system capability, configuration, and user-set while leveraging common radio and infrastructure equipment. The form factor is also ideal for limiting the SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) –a critical element in these specific environments.

This revolutionary core network architecture is a paradigm shift from the reliance on the centralization of network infrastructure. The platform supports the 4G LTE Core, including a full EPC, PCRF, HSS, and IMS, plus a virtualized environment for application-specific processing. Still, LiTECORE leverages Tecore's patented multi-technology capability delivering not only LTE Core network capability, but 3G and 2G Core functionality, as well.

"Several years ago, Tecore pioneered 'Core on a Blade' technology," said Jay Salkini, President and CEO of Tecore Networks. "Today, the company has taken the next step in the reduction of size and weight by introducing a bold new platform that will revolutionize the industry. The LiTECORE 'Core on a Minicard' was conceived with the smaller networks and operations in mind. This segment of the market continues to grow exponentially in size and importance, and Tecore is committed to our role as a critical player in their evolution."

Tecore Network executives will be present at Mobile World Congress 2012 Stand 8C78 February 27th – March 1st to showcase the LiTECORE, along with their wide range of other solutions and products. To set-up a meeting, please contact Tecore Networks at mwc@tecore.com or +1 410-872-6501.

Tecore Networks is a pioneer global supplier of multi-technology 3G and 4G/LTE mobile core and access network infrastructure. From millions of subscribers, to small private networks, Tecore has serviced the commercial and government sectors for over 20 years. Offering cutting-edge voice and data technologies, and setting the standard for all-IP based architecture, Tecore has exponentially increased performance while minimizing cost and space requirements. Tecore offers value-added features and state-of-the-art professional services that enable their customers to increase ARPU and retention. Founded in 1991, Tecore is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and a three-time winner of the Global Mobile Award. For more information, visit Tecore Networks at http://www.tecore.com.

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