Feb 28, 2012 04:20 ET

UBM TechInsights Releases its Apple Inc. Patent Landscape

Report provides a greater understanding of their patent portfolio and IP investments

OTTAWA, Canada, Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- UBM TechInsights, the leader in technology and IP consulting, has published its landscape analysis on consumer electronics giant, Apple Inc. The newly released report provides greater insight into Apple's patent portfolio and IP investments and outlines some of the most significant innovations, acquisitions and recent litigation activities.

Apple has approximately 15,500 patents, of which 8,500 are listed in the US. The research shows that Apple is named as the original assignee in 84% of its patents. Another 10% are left blank, however most of those patents appear to be Apple generated. Third party patent acquisitions account for just over 5% of its patents and individual investors account for less than 0.5%. A search on Apple's top 25 inventors includes, founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs.

The report covers some of Apple's most significant acquisitions. "What is interesting to note about the acquisitions is the understanding it provides into the direction Apple is going with the removal of hard drives from all of its systems. This change is already evident in current generations of Apple's iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air series," said Gordon Holstead, senior business analyst, UBM TechInsights. "Apple will probably become the first company to move completely to solid-state solutions."

The report covers standards - an area of critical importance when trying to understand the patent landscape. "We identify all patents that Apple has volunteered to be part of the standards, as well as how many times a particular patent has been used in a certain standard" said Holstead. "While none of these patents are used in litigation, it is possible that a follow-up patent could find itself in use in future cases".

The report delves into litigation activities that involve Apple with a total of 41 plaintiff cases and 242 defendant cases. Litigation activities involving Apple have steadily increased since 2008 with 2011 being a record year. The report includes a summary of patents used in litigation, both in plaintiff and defendant cases and in some instances, both.

The Apple Patent Landscape highlights key facts about litigation and shows how Apple is actively defending its patents and acquiring new patents to build out its portfolio thus giving valuable insights into Apple's top priorities moving forward.

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