Roamware launches 4 Next Gen products for Mobile Operator Services

Cupertino, February 28th, 2012 - (Virtual Press Office) - Roamware, Inc., the global leader in mobile operator service solutions, announced 4 new products; Geoconnect, Network Traffic Redirection (NTR) 7.0, Outreach Messaging (OM) 7.0 and Roaming Service Controller (RSC) 6.0. Each can be delivered to customers as licenses or on Roamware’s recently launched Carrier Services Cloud.

Roamware’s GeoConnect™ allows subscribers to have numbers from multiple countries accessible on a single SIM card, with detailed control over the use of each number. With GeoConnect™ subscribers can stay reachable on all numbers - home and foreign – at all times. For operators, this helps capture new segments and generates revenue from both inbound and outbound roamers.

Roamware’s pioneering and industry leading Network Traffic Redirection 7.0 provides operators the capability to offer innovative mobile tariff plans to their subscriber so that they always stay within their preferred network. NTR 7.0™ can steer on LTE networks, steer based on volume commitment with partner networks and help operators offer special voice / data centric plans to their subscribers.

Roamware’s Outreach Messaging 7.0™ understands subscriber profiles in 2G/3G/LTE networks and sends highly customized messages to each roamer. Subscribers can send interactive messages to get location specific information on demand and also in a rich multimedia format on their LTE devices. Operators can send intelligent messages to their roamers and offer interactive capability to users for retrieving on demand information via SMS or USSD.

Roamware’s Roaming Service Controller 6.0 enables operators to offer innovative and tailored mobile tariff plans to their subscribers for ensuring bill shock prevention and optimal subscriber experience. Key features of RSC v6.0 are tailored rate plans, QoS management for fair usage policy implementation and a promotions engine for spurring data adoption. Roamware’s PCRF+ provides operators a pre-integrated solution geared for delivering desired service experience without the need to mash-up disparate, incompatible systems.

Roamware Carrier Services Cloud provides a full and integrated suite of capabilities to mobile operators - Roaming & Local Services, Fraud Prevention, Management and Customer Experience Management (CEM). GeoConnect can be delivered as a Cloud-Number Service, Network Traffic Redirection 7.0 as a Cloud-Roaming Service and Outreach Messaging 7.0 and Roaming Service Controller 6.0 as Cloud-Customer Experience Management services.

“These new products demonstrate Roamware’s continuous innovation and ability to deliver value to our Operator customers,” said Dr. John Jiang, Roamware’s EVP and CTO. “Our portfolio is unmatched in the industry and, when offered within the Carrier Services Cloud, provides more business model options than any of our competition. Today, we pull even further ahead.”

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