ANCE: Colombo Costruzioni at MIPIM

(Virtual Press Office) -At a difficult juncture for the Italian economy – highlighted by countless foreclosures of renown brands with long lasting experience also in the construction sector – there are still successful stories of relentless growth, which the market recognizes for their quality and for the size of the projects they have undertaken.

One for all, Colombo Costruzioni, a fourth generation family company established in Lecco in 1905, for over 100 years of operation has invested heavily into Research and Development and management processes, with the aim to position itself as a market leader for innovation and product quality.

Colombo Costruzioni has witnessed an impressive pattern of growth in the last two decades. New impressive developments branded by the most recognized World Architects, such as Vittorio Gregotti and Renzo Piano, only to quote the Italians.

An outstanding capability to blend the engineering process with the architectural flamboyance and the cost-effectiveness of the execution processes are the benchmarks of Colombo Costruzioni.

The stunning PortaNuova development will shine in Milan’s landscape, turning it into a hub of modernity: it will be a marker of the 2015 World Expo. The tallest building of Italy surrounded by a complex of towers and high rises with the signature of Architect Cesar Pelli. An extraordinary urban development which will give a new breed of life to the financial and industrial capital of Italy. A number of 500 to 1200 persons are synchronized daily like a metronome by Colombo Costruzioni, which was selected by Hines Italia as the General Contractor.

In a market with excess of offer, only the pursue of the highest quality makes the difference. The constant research and development of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, aimed at reducing management costs through energy saving, are a main focus for Colombo Costruzioni.

The LEED brand is part of PortaNuova complex. A certification system throughout the whole construction process: from energy and water efficiency to the reduction of CO2 emissions, with a great deal of attention to the impact on the surrounding environment of each and every building, as for the whole development as well.

In conclusion, Colombo Costuzioni, which for the first time proudly introduces itself at MIPIM, is keen to showcase its achievements based on the strong milestones it has achieved so far. With a vision to meet the ever-changing market environment and its challenges, it is well positioned to explore new venues of business on the international markets as well.
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