CHAMPLAIN, N.Y., March 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The new COOKINA COOKING SHEETS will be launched to retailers at the International Home and Housewares Association Show in Chicago, March 10 to 13, booth S3939.

COOKINA Cooking Sheets look like a sheet of plastic except that they are heat-resistant and they won't burn. Their non-stick quality allows you to cook your food to perfection without using oils or sprays to grease the surface. Once you have finished cooking, you only need to wipe it clean or wash it in warm soapy water. It's ready to be used again. You can cook healthily and clean up in a minute or less.

COOKINA makes sure everything glides and nothing sticks thanks to a revolutionary material. They are reusable and hold no odor or flavor from previous use, so you can cook fish, wipe your COOKINA then cook pancakes in the same spot.

COOKINA Cooking Sheets are available in three formats:

COOKINA BARBECUE: Ideal for grilling vegetables, meats, fish, seafood, pizzas, shish kebabs, sausages, bacon, sticky marinated food, chicken wings, ribs, eggs, and much more.

Keeps small and delicate foods on the grill and out of the fire. Ideal for all types of BBQs! It can also be put on top of a hotplate to keep it clean. It's great as an oven liner and will extend the life of your grills !

COOKINA CUISINE: Perfect for use on baking sheets and pans making cleanup easier. Ideal for cookies, pies, cakes, biscuits, breads, baked goods, nachos, pizzas, fish, chicken, roasts, casseroles and even eggs in a pan. Excellent for health grills and sandwich makers! Perfect for roasting food on oven trays. Makes a great non-stick surface for breads and candies.

These products will be sold through hardware, mass and grocery stores and will also be offered online at shipped from USA and Canada starting March 15th. The following retailers have already joined in on the COOKINA offer: Walmart Canada, Ace Canada, Rona, Metro, BMR, Coop Atlantic, Central Supplies, Kent, United Hardware and many more.

COOKINA CLUB will be sold at and available only for Clubs, websites and television channels.

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