(Virtual Press Office) - Star Kay White Inc., originally Star Extract Works, has been making premium quality extracts and flavor ingredients for over 122 years. Founded by David Katzenstein in 1890, our 5th generation company is still selling our original extract formulas. Walter, Jim, Ben, Alex and Gabe Katzenstein have all learned the art of making fine extracts from their respective grandfathers. We have a wide range of these “Classic Extracts”; Peppermint, Ginger, Almond, Lemon, Cinnamon, and Rose to name a few. Many of our Classic Extracts are original formulas dating back to the beginning of the company. Our world-famous Chocolate Extract #18® is a standard for flavor houses around the globe. From baking and ice cream to brewing and fine distilled liquor, Star Kay White’s Pure Chocolate Extract #18® has been used for it all! None other comes close!

Our two-fold Gold Star® Pure Vanilla is made with the finest quality (Grade 1) Madagascan (Bourbon) beans on the market. Most retail extracts have 100g of vanilla beans--*of any grade*--per liter of extract. Star Kay White Gold Star® Vanilla has twice the amount of Grade 1 flawless vanilla beans per liter of extract (200g per liter). And these products are sold at extremely competitive prices. A small sample will leave little doubt! Gold Star® Pure Vanilla Extract is the richest, most flavorful, and best-valued name in the marketplace today.

Being a major ingredient manufacturer in the global ice cream industry, Star Kay White also makes a wide range of candies and syrups that consumers have enjoyed as their comfort foods for over one hundred years. Through this experience we have developed a line of retail candies; Cappuccino Bambino® and Mocha Motion® which we have found to be extremely popular sellers in both ice cream and retail. These chocolate coffee confections are unlike any other. Most coffee candies simply have a chocolate-coated gritty bean. First, we make a delicious coffee candy. We then coat the candies in top-quality chocolate, and finish them with a sparkling polish. Delicious crunch, no grit, and a perfect combination of caffeine and flavor. The perfect on-the-go coffee candy. Catch the Buzz®!

2012 is the first year in the company history that Star Kay White will be exhibiting at the Fancy Food Show. Ben is representing the fourth generation, and Alex and Gabe are his sons, representing the fifth generation of Katzensteins who have learned these specialized crafts from their grandfathers. Please come and visit us at booth 3215, and speak with the candy and extract specialists!
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