A Brand New B-DAMAN animation will be released world-wide in Autumn 2013!

(Virtual Press Office) - The new generation B-DAMAN, known as 6 series, is targeted to be released world-wide in Automn 2013.

This new show will be titled "B-DAMAN CrossFire." It has been broadcasted in Japan under the title "Cross
Fight B-DAMAN" from October 2011 until last month and was widely praised.
The previous generation of B-DAMAN launched successfully not only within Japan but world-wide.
While the new generation B-DAMAN inherits the core values and amusingnesses of the previous generation, it brings more excitements and attractiveness of the episodes and characters.
Because of the success of "B-DAMAN CrossFire" Season 1 in Japan, the broadcast of Season 2 has just started in Japan from this month!

[B-DAMAN CrossFire]
Title: B-DAMAN CrossFire(the title in Japan is "Cross Fight B-DAMAN"
Number of episodes: 30minutes X 26 episodes

-Director: Yoshinori Okada
 "The Movie Metal Fight BEYBLADE", "NARUTO","BREACH"
-Scenario supervisor: Shinichi Inotsume
"Hayate no Gotoku!","Moyashimon","TOMICA HERO Rescue Force"
-Character Desing: Kenji Fujisaki
"Clash B-DAMAN","The Movie Metal Fight BEYBLADE"
-Production company: Synergy SP
"BEYBLADE" series, previous "B-DAMAN" series

Takaaki Nakazawa
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